3rd Podcast

In this 3rd episode of Podcasts It's a long road we will have the endurance sports coach as our guest Basil Onion. We will talk about training zones and how important they are, the role of each training session and weekly volume, strength training and nutrition, hydration and energy intake, the Marathon and the long distances but also the triathlon in the sport which he himself excelled with the title of world champion.



Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road” with endurance sports coach Vassilis Krommidas.

2:42 – How important are training zones and should we train based on them?

4:35 – What parts does a weekly workout consist of and what is the role of each workout?

5:32 – What should be the weekly training volume?

6:35 – How important are the Long Run;

9:10 – How big should the Long Run;

11:40 – Does hard training always get the right results?

12:15 – Is strengthening necessary for amateur runners? Will my times improve?

13:12 – How important is hydration and energy intake during the race, but also in our training sessions?

15:03 – If I want to run to Marathon how much earlier should i start?

16:43 – What pace should I have on Marathon and determined by what? I mean what would be the best pacing strategy? Should I go at a constant pace, a negative (speed improvement over time) or a positive pace?

19:57 – How many competitions should an amateur athlete do per year?

20:51 – How developed is triathlon in Greece? I ask this from both points of view. Professional and amateur triathlon.

22:14 – How demanding is the triathlon? what qualifications must an athlete have to engage in this particular sport? for example an amateur athlete like me, at 50, can I start triathlon?

23:30 – How is the weekly training distributed for someone involved in triathlon?

24:07 – How expensive is triathlon?

25:40 – Of all the things you have achieved in your sports career, which one was the most emotionally intense for you?

26:33 – How did the pandemic period affect you? How did you experience it personally, professionally and athletically?

27:13 – Do you have any tips and advice to share with us on how someone can combine sports, everyday life, work and possibly family?

28:30 – Did your involvement in sports give or take away from you?

29:33 – And finally, tell us a few words about where we can find you and what is Krommidas Coaching?