I started sports from a very young age and for me it is now a way of life.

There are some moments when completely suddenly, the spark is thrown that gives the trigger to change situations in your life; from the way you philosophize, to the way you operate. Things that until that moment seemed insignificant, gained meaning while others that were considered important suddenly become insignificant.

I always remember myself being involved in sports. As a youngster, what had won me over was football. Amateurs, in groups and alans of Thessaloniki. Scraped feet, swollen ankles, battered hands were a common sight for me as all the pitches back then were hard clay and gravel. Football, amateur I always played in a team until I was 38.

Around the age of 40, however, in 2012, out of nowhere, running entered my life. In the beginning simply, without plan and tactics. No knowledge at all. Without any program. I was just running. Guided by what I read on the internet and in magazines, I ran once, twice, at most three times a week, usually when my eldest daughter had tennis lessons. I was very happy about it and that's why I looked up the subject of races; half marathons and marathons.



With my participation in this series of 6 Marathons, through the climate of the races, the organizers, the places, the trips, I was filled with feelings and images that I will remember forever and were able to change my life, but also me as man.

6 World Marathon Majors in Berlin, Chicago, Boston, London, New York and finally Tokyo. I started in Berlin on September 26, 2021 and with a time of 04:13 and finished in Tokyo on March 05, 2023, an hour later at 03:19!

I became the 16th Greek who managed to complete this task and become a Six Star Finisher and the first to do so within 525 days!

6 endings all so different, in 6 different cities of the world, but at the same time so common, since in each of these endings I felt the same incredible feelings. What runners feel when cutting the thread in every Marathon race. Emotions that wash from end to end of the whole body, causing all the cells to participate in this delirium and causing indescribable joy and pleasure.


Briefly my achievements in Greece and abroad.


6 World Marathon Majors (Berlin, Chicago, Boston, London, New York, Tokyo) and 6 Star Finishers from 05 March 2023

My first Marathon the 36th Authentic Athens Marathon on November 11, 2018

My first marathon abroad, Edinburgh Marathon on 26th May 2019

Fastest Marathon, Tokyo Marathon 05 March 2023 – 03h 19′ 54”

My first race, Thessaloniki Night Half Marathon October 10, 2015

My first Ultra race, Aethlios Levidi – Arch. Nemea 62k 08 September 2019

My first race over 100 km, In the footsteps of heroes 102k 01 August 2020 Thespies-Thermopyles

Longest distance I have run, 11th Olympiad Dromos 180km May 18-19, 2023 in 25h 39'