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In this episode of the Podcast It's a long road we will talk about patience, one of the main virtues of people, about the concepts of happiness, failure and success, but also about the persistence of runners in achieving their goals.


Hello everyone,

We will philosophize a little today, since I will talk about her patience, one of the main virtues and which has a direct impact on our daily lives, but especially on all of us amateur runners. A virtue that very few people possess and for which Plato said that "The foundation of Wisdom is Patience".

Patience is not an abstract concept. It is the ability to accept and tolerate difficulties, the ability to remain balanced in the face of any situation, so facing uncertainty or disappointment, it makes us stronger and more capable of making good decisions, since we do not act impulsively and emotionally. Patience is related to self-control and tolerance of disappointment, which are undoubtedly necessary elements for success and enhancing personal development.

Patience can lead to greater success, greater inner peace, greater accuracy, and it can also reduce stress and anxiety levels. But the main thing is to maintain hope that things will change for the better, a key ingredient especially in the period we are going through.

Patience is the switch, it is the balm, it is the key to success in everything. To conquer goals and peaks requires patience. Whoever has it and works hard will succeed. Anyone who doesn't will suffer. All life needs patience and all its individual chapters. All things require patience. Our own body needs patience. Because you need rest and time to achieve something. Let's take an example of someone who wants to build a body or even see the first nice results through training in a gym. Let's say it takes 30 hours which equates to 3 times a week of one hour, so 10 weeks.

Is there any chance that if he goes to 3 days of 10 hours a day he will have the same results? Of course not. With the same amount of training but in a shorter period of time he is not going to achieve anything at all. You can't go from zero to a hundred, you can't lift a hundred kilos, build abs or run a marathon from zero. Everything takes time and patience is needed so that with small goals the desired result will come at some point. Isn't this all so magical? The body needs to take its time, its rest, the necessary fuel. So patience is needed.

The same applies, for example, to diets. If someone loses 20 pounds in two months, chances are they will gain it back. If he loses the same weight in a year it is completely different. In the first case, our body-organism does not have the time to assimilate this great change. In the second case, however, by working methodically, with consistency and patience, we give our body the time to "digest" each time the new data and slowly but surely progress towards the new goals.

And I'll give you a little example with a story. It was a teacher and his student. The teacher explained to his student that in order to achieve his goal he will have to take some concrete steps, be patient and within a year he will succeed. Then the student asked the teacher, if he puts in twice as much effort, will he be able to do it faster? Then the teacher replied that if he does this then he will succeed again but in twice the time.

Getting bigger happens automatically, but getting better takes effort and work.

You can't be marathon runner within a month. It takes time, effort and above all PATIENCE. Your goal becomes even more achievable when you break it down into sub-goals. It is not possible or rather it is very difficult to immediately go to one marathon. You should put before it individual smaller victories that will boost your morale and make you better. Many small victories before the big one is one of the biggest secrets. Run a 5, a ten, a half marathon and step by step build your strength, your endurance, your determination, your ego. So through smaller fights and small victories and with a lot of training and patience will come the biggest victory of all. THE finishing the Marathon.


Everything is built and conquered with hard work and effort. Nothing in life is taken for granted and nothing is given to us freely and without effort. In all forms of life whether we are talking on a professional or personal level we have ups and downs. Life is not a straight line without challenges, but it has its ups and downs. When everything is good again we should not rest, but we should look to the next day. The same happens in run. When we run and are well, we look to hydrate to prevent unwanted future situations. On the other hand when something goes wrong it is generally accepted that it should teach us a lesson and we should get up immediately. Many people are very afraid of failure and rightly so, but we should dig deeper and learn rather than fail and give up.

Only those who work make mistakes and only those who try and take risks know failure. Never regret the past. Take it exactly as it is. Every failure is necessary for our personal development. Of course, as I always say and I have many, many examples from my personal life,  EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. And through this reason we must search and find what is positive. To analyze it, to accept it if we don't want it and we can't fight it, to assimilate it and move forward in life with the new data and the new challenges. Because all life is one challenge, a GIFT to be thankful for and be glad to have. Every thing, every event has a lesson to offer you and through this you evolve and above all you evolve from the more intense big challenges you are called to face.

Always and through every failure it is certain that we have something to gain and every setback brings a lesson with it. Personally and after some years having a better and more comprehensive picture of the past, I found that fortunately some things had not gone so well for me, fortunately that I ate "potatoes" and was upset about something that did not work out for me, because later it turned out that a new door opened for me, much better and more promising. Never rush to judge a situation, but find the time to analyze it and get something good out of it. There are no right decisions for me and no right or wrong choices. There are ONLY decisions and choices, the results of which we can only know and appreciate later.

People interpret events differently and that has to do with everyone's temperament. If some are positive and optimistic and if some are happy and pessimistic they interpret for example an event differently, since for one it may be a tragedy for another, for another it may be a great possibility for development and a great opportunity.

Don't be afraid of failure, because failure is one thing and being a failure is another. They are two concepts so close yet so different from each other. Failure is part of the whole process of our life and should not scare us, but also see inside running. Failure to come takes courage, it takes action, it takes movement. And it is interrelated in all forms of life. Failure for example in some exams I took, failure in a test at school, failure in my job. Think of a baby who tries to walk and fails each time, until after much effort and effort he succeeds. And most of all and what makes the difference is not to consider and fear what others define success but what you define success and what you consider success for yourself. And in the end what is life and how do I consider it successful? When you can have happiness and success together. Then I consider someone complete.

Success is having what I want and happiness is wanting what I have.

On the other hand, happiness is not a goal that we conquer but the result of other things that we do that give meaning to our own lives. Happiness is moments and it is important to recognize them in our daily life. Unfortunately, most of the time we take these moments for granted, being carried away by the fast pace that prevails in our lives. Other times we don't consider them so important because we imagine that happiness is something big like having a lot of money a nice house and going on a lot of trips and not helping a passerby or talking to a friend on the phone. But the moment we are unable to do these smaller and simpler things, that's when we realize that these are what made us happy. Only when we recognize and accept our doomed fate which is nothing but death and the end of this life then only can we discern the beauty of things and live a life beyond the ordinary. Happiness should be the end in itself of people's lives, and we can become happy if we behave virtuously. Happiness is not found in pleasures or riches and is relative and depending on the situation and the person. For example, which would be of more value to someone in the middle of the desert? Water or gold?

Most people believe me don't have goals in life. They blame others for everything and only focus on the negative. Which is exactly what the newscasts and television are doing. "I want to lose weight," "I want to get a job," "I want to run a marathon," and whatever else makes a big difference if you hear it from someone saying it like, "I'm determined to lose weight," "I'm determined to run in marathon", "I am determined to find a job." Really, which of the two cases is more likely to succeed? Just as there are no Whys in life but only Hows. Why can't I have money, why can't I have a job, why can't I run? Don't focus there, focus on the How. How can I run a marathon, how can I make money, how can I get a job. Let go and get the negative out of your life. Focus on the How and you will change your life. Do all your Why How. Joy of life comes through the simplest pleasures. We usually don't do things we love but do what we feel compelled to do.

Make your goal happiness and not ephemeral pleasure. This may not be apparent at times. Food and entertainment for example contribute to enjoying your life, but there are times when even these pleasures can become painful when there is a lack of clear purpose, quality and moderation. There are people who recognize that they have bad habits but find it difficult to break away from them. This is because to a certain extent these habits offer temporary pleasure and relaxation like cigarettes, bad diet for example.

Those pleasures that don't create you regrets and guilt are the ones that make you happy.

And since what distinguishes us from other animals is reason, we should always think before we act. Animals on the other hand act on their instincts and are only interested in their reproduction and the satisfaction of their natural needs. Enjoy giving and being generous to people. I personally feel very good when I do something good for someone and I believe the same is true for most of you. And this is something that my involvement with running has helped me a lot, either through the competitions or through my daily training. Because as I've said in an earlier Podcast, you never finish a marathon or one Ultra the same person. I have the impression that every time you learn something more about yourself, every time you become a better person, every time you come out even stronger and richer! Just like life is. We must never give up and dream to the finish line.

Thank you so much for listening to me!

Until next time, Be well be healthy and always do what we love and what makes us feel good.

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