38th Podcast

"Podcast Guest"It's a long road” is runner and physical therapist Marianna Trouli. With Marianna we will discuss amateur runners, physiotherapy and injuries but also talk and analyze the difficulties and role of the modern female runner. 


Marianna, who is the mother of two children, is an amateur runner of short and long distances, with considerable experience, having participated and distinguished herself in many races both in Greece and abroad. Marianna and I will discuss them amateur runners, the physiotherapy and injuries but we will also talk and analyze the difficulties and the role of the modern female runner.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road” with runner and physiotherapist Marianna Trouli.

01:45 Marianna, if you want, tell us a little about yourself and basically how you got into gymnastics in your life;

04:50 What is it for you? run;

05:51 Is running a form of psychotherapy?

07:55 Tell us a little about it and what are the distances you mainly participate in?

09:00 Is your main occupation your involvement in sports?

10:28 Your engagement with her physiotherapy how much did it help you with running?

13:40 As a physiotherapist, would you advise our fellow runners to avoid injuries? What are the common mistakes that lead a runner to injury;

18:30 Running on the mountain or on the road?

19:15 There is someone race which have you singled out-loved the most?

22:00 Who is the oldest? sports challenge where did you face?

23:17 Is there a place you'd like to run and haven't been able to do so yet?

23:30 Are there any people who have influenced you throughout this journey?

24:53 How many times you train per week and how long is your workout?

26:00 You consider her important empowerment;

26:40 Do you have a favorite route in your training sessions?

27:22 Do you remember your first fight?

28:45 When there is free time in your schedule what do you like to do the most?

29:34 What are your next sporting goals?

30:45 Training, family, work, great performance, how do they all fit together in 24 hours? 

33:55 Who and how difficult is the role of the modern female runner?

34:52 Do you feel your children are inspired by your achievements?

36:18 Since you are and live in Heraklion, how do you see the street movement in your city?


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