40th Podcast

"Podcast Guest"It's a long road” is the runner and nutritionist Maria Malai. Maria and I will talk about it mountain running, nutrition as well as other interesting topics concerning amateur runners. 


Maria started as a track runner and now continues as a short and long distance mountain and road runner, with considerable experience, having participated and distinguished herself in many competitions both in Greece and abroad. Maria and I will talk about it mountain running, nutrition as well as other interesting topics concerning amateur runners.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road” with the runner and nutritionist Maria Malai.

01:25 Maria, would you like to tell us a little about yourself and basically how did gymnastics and running come into your life?

02:18 What is running for you?

02:53 You deal more with it than I know mountain running is not that right;

03:22 What got you there and how did you transition from track and field to mountain racing?

05:15 Do you think that mountain running is also what has won you the most?

05:49 As far as I know, you also have several distinctions. Tell us a little about it but also what are the distances you mainly participate in?

07:18 Which mountain is your favorite or rather which mountain race is your favorite?

07:52 Do you remember your first match?

09:10 Does the mountain want respect?

09:41 He finds it mountain running the space it deserves?

11:06 Is it true that mountain running calms you down even more?

11:32 As far as I know mountain races also need special equipment. Who is he and do you use special equipment?

12:45 These bars are bars aren't they? Are they necessary in mountain races?

13:25 If I'm not mistaken, I recently saw a Post of yours on Social Media after your first swimming race, right? I assume that you will slowly try and triathlon;

14:50 You are a sports nutritionist, aren't you?

15:20 Which could be the daily diet plan of a runner?

17:25 You ran now last time I saw him Authentic Marathon of Athens and with terrible timing.

18:08 Is there a place you'd like to run and haven't been able to so far?

19:28 Are there any people who have influenced you throughout this journey?

20:00 Who is the oldest? sports challenge where did you face?

20:53 How many times a week do you train and how long does one last? training you?

21:28 Do you have a favorite route in your training sessions?

21:44 Is your main occupation your involvement in sports?

22:09 When there is free time in your schedule what do you like to do the most?

22:26 Who are next? your athletic goals and what is your big goal if you have one?

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