44th Podcast

Podcast Guest “It's a long road” is the cross country runner and champion Grigoris Skularikis. Grigoris who is a graduate of Electrical Engineering and Engineering H/Y of the National Technical University of Metsov, majoring in Biomedical Technology, is also the founder of the largest travel website RunningNews.gr. An athlete himself for a number of years, he has successfully participated in biathlon, triathlon, cycling and long distance races both in Greece and abroad. He has distinguished himself in international biathlon competitions, while he has won the Panhellenic Championship of the sport eight times. At the same time, he deals with various sports projects that have to do with marketing, communication and organization of sports events.


With Grigoris Skularikis we will have an interesting discussion and we will refer to his training, injuries, sports career, creation and course RunningNews.gr, but also on other interesting topics concerning amateur runners.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road" by Grigoris Skularikis

06:10 Do you remember what motivated you to start running and when did it happen? How did running come into your life?

07:07 What is running for you?

10:30 On November 21 you did his route Authentic pushing the stroller with your daughter, you made time under 3 hours! How did you experience all this?

14:00 Do you think that Angeliki's presence with you to run inspires others?

18:18 There is magic in running a race Marathon and especially hers of Athens;

21:05 In your last race of 5 km and in the context of the Authentic Marathon, you also came first in the age category and in fact, from what I saw, it surprised you as well.

22:12 Has sports hardened you in such a way that you overcome any difficulties from a different perspective?

24:22 Do you think that someone who starts running is a factor that can change his life? I mean also from matters of habits but even mentally.

26:00 How can in a great race, a runner manage to overcome the his negative thoughts;

28:57 What has been the most challenging race you have run so far?

30:55 Do you remember your first match?

31:58 Grigori, in a marathon road race where you are an athlete with a consistent time under 3 hours, what is your energy supply?

33:56 How is a typical week in training for you?

35:04 It's someone training which one do you hate or one that you love and prefer more?

36:40 Are there any people who have influenced you throughout this journey?

40:08 Have you had any injuries in your career? What are the feelings you have during periods of inactivity due to an injury?

44:00 Is running your main occupation?

45:20 Did your involvement in sports give or take away from you?

46:43 How do you see the rise of running in our country and the steep increase in the organization of such races?

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