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"Podcast Guest"It's a long road” is the Italian teacher and Marathoner Guendalina Daniela Maria Taietti. Gwendy who is a lover of Greek culture, is a visually impaired athlete and has participated in many road marathons.


The Italian Gwendy, who has been living in Athens for the last few years, is a professor and researcher of Ancient Greek History and Language, with a PhD from the University of Liverpool in Classical and Ancient History, while she has taught Ancient Greek in countries such as China, England, Hong- Kong and Israel.

We will have an interesting conversation with Gwendy after we will refer to the difficulties faced by visually impaired athletes, we will talk about Greece and its culture, while through her unique personal story we will learn life lessons, determination and strength.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road” with Italian teacher and Marathoner Guendalina Daniela Maria Taietti:

05:34 Gwendy, would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself?

08:12 Would you like to tell us something about your vision loss?

10:44 How did a visually impaired girl grow up? I mean at school how were you compared to the rest of your classmates? Did you basically go to a special school?

12:50 How is a visually impaired person able to do so many things that seem so normal to us?

14:46 Do you remember what prompted you to start running and when did it happen? How did running come into your life?

17:47 Was there support from your environment to continue?

18:23 Have you been involved in any other sport or just running?

19:31 There is a large percentage of runners with vision problems, which can be myopia, astigmatism and others. Always depending on the size of the problem, the life of the specific individuals and in general the pursuit of running can be negatively affected. Especially when there is total vision loss. In the case of a person with vision loss, how is he helped during a match?

21:51 That little rope with which you join your companion, is it more than just a rope? Is it a two-way energy transfer? Does it turn running from a solitary pursuit into something different? Let's say in a medium of social interaction?

24:02 Do you want to tell us a little about some of your companions?

27:18 What is running for you? How do you feel when you run?

28:03 Does he see the world or running differently? Are they things we don't see or feel?

28:49 Were there any difficult incidents in any of the matches you took part in?

30:20 Is there a match that marked you and you will never forget?

33:00 It's for you run a way out? From the point of view that many visually impaired people obviously because of the difficulties may choose to stay at home. 

34:20 Does sport contribute to improving the quality of life of visually impaired people?

34:56 Has sports hardened you in such a way that you overcome any difficulties from a different perspective?

35:50 What motivates you to keep running?

36:41 Sports for the visually impaired. How hard is that? In general, how difficult is it to survive in modern society when you have this kind of disability?

37:58 Do you train? If so, where and how do you train? How do you get to and from the training area? Do you always have someone with you?

39:21 Which country out of all the ones you have visited or which city do you think is more friendly for people with visual impairments?

40:44 But besides your athletic side, there is another impressive element in your personality as well as in your occupation. Tell us if you want a little about this passion of yours?

42:07 Do you travel and teach Ancient Greek in other countries?

42:56 What is the role of Alexander the Great in your life?

45:16 What do you consider his greatest achievement or in general what impresses you the most?

46:47 What is it that sets him apart Alexander from the rest of the conquerors?

48:18 So I imagine since I know that you have also run the Marathon race in Thessaloniki with the brand Alexander the Great, this match would also have a special meaning for you.

49:32 What are your goals for this year? Is there a race you will be running in the near future?

52:14 Is there somewhere you'd like to run and haven't been able to so far?

53:07 What would you say to our listeners who are visually impaired and hesitant to take up running?

 Facebook: Guendalina Daniela Maria Taietti


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