10th Podcast

Podcast Guest “It's a long road” is Ultramarathon runner Tasos Karagiannidis. With Tasos we will have an interesting discussion on issues related to the Marathon and long distances and through his many years of experience he will share with us moments from big races he has run, while he will give us various practical and useful tips for aspiring Marathoners.


My guest today is Tasos Karagiannidis. Tasos is amateur long-distance runner, with considerable experience, having participated in many Marathon and Ultra-Marathon races both in Greece and abroad.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road" by ultramarathon Tasso Karagiannidis. 

02:35 – Tell us something about yourself and how you started running?

05:35 – Do you remember your first race?

07:12 – Who is your favorite? Marathon;

10:14 – Is there somewhere you'd like to run and haven't been able to so far?

11:08 – What is the longest distance you have run? Do you remember anything from this match?

14:15 – How many Ultramarathons have you run in total?

14:48 – What is the preparation before a big match?

16:33 – What is more or less your nutrition during a Marathon?

17:59 – What would you advise an aspirant? Marathon;

21:16 – Does a Marathon become routine?

22:22 – Are you still running? Is there a race you will be running in the near future?

Tasos Karagiannidis
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