15th Podcast

Podcast Guest “It's a long road” is o George Vavritsas. With George, who is active in the trade of Sports Goods and Health Nutrition Products with the Performance Store, we will talk about energy replenishment and nutrition for long distances.


My guest today is George Vavritsas. George, who is a Graduate in Physical Education and Sports Science with a Master's degree in Team Sports Coaching, is active in the trade of Sporting Goods and Health Nutrition Goods with the store Performance Store and the company weperform.eu.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road" by George Vavritsa

01:10 How did you start and find yourself in the field of sports?

05:07 Performance is improved through the right power supply; Is there a default power plan?

09:04 Simple sugars or complex carbohydrates? How do we choose a gel? What are the criteria to consider?

23:05 What is caffeine and how does it work? How much caffeine is in a coffee? Does caffeine improve athletic performance? How much coffee should someone drink before run

31:40 What should be our feed in a match Marathon and which one in a match Ultra lasting more than 8 hours? How are electrolytes replenished?

45:00 Since we have so much fat in our bodies, why should we carb-replenish?

51:04 Food supplements. They are necessary; Do they improve our performance? Do we need it before, during and after training?

55:10 Is there a body that certifies the quality of nutritional supplements and ensures that they are safe for consumption?
I ask this because nowadays there are so many nutritional supplements that choosing them is quite difficult and dangerous.

1:01:00 What do I eat before one Marathon; What advice would you give someone on race day?


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