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In this episode of the Podcast It's a long road we will list 50 reasons why someone should start running or continue running.


Hello to all of you!

It is a fact that many times we have been asked why we run. And I'm sure we've given more than one answer, since why we run and why we do this can't be dryly answered with just one answer.

I have mentioned in previous Podcasts, the reasons why I run, the feelings that arise during the exercise, but also after it and in general the whole approach and philosophy that I have.

But today in this episode I will try to collect and list all the reasons one by one that keep me and many other amateur runners running. But it is also a good opportunity for some who want to start it run to do so taking into account all the reasons we will mention through this Podcast.

But let's look one by one at all 50 reasons why someone continues to run or should start running.

1. Running is psychotherapy. The best one doesn't even cost anything. It's cheap, it gives instant gratification, it's safe and it's considered medicine.

2. Running is a microcosm of life itself. Life is not a straight line without challenges, but it has its ups and downs. In the run just like in life you run, you sweat, you struggle, you try to become better, you set goals, you gather experiences, you grit your teeth, you don't give up, you fall, you get up, you keep going, you fall again, you get up again.

3. Through running we have the possibility to discover more and more things about ourselves. It helps you find aspects of yourself that you could never imagine. You spend time with yourself and find time to think undistracted by all other daily problems.

4. You feel free! You feel that nothing binds you and that you can go and be wherever you want.

5. Running helps you sleep and you sleep even better.

6. It is the simplest form of exercise that all humans can do and is innate and in our DNA. Especially when we have no other skill or talent for any other sport, running requires no special skills at all.

7. Running helps you escape from everyday life, from the pressure of the day and escape from reality. During walking or running we have the natural release of endorphins and then the following magic happens. The brain feels more euphoria, joy and optimism.

8. Running reduces stress, we feel more relaxed, more excited and more confident.

9. Running reduces the possibility of health problems, since it "builds" strong immunity.

10. Every time we try to become better and more competitive, which by extension also happens in our own lives where and there exactly the same we try to become better and better and to evolve.

11. We face new challenges every time, which makes us stronger and more determined both in running and in life itself.

12. Many times there are times when we catch ourselves trying to go beyond the limits we have set for it.

13. Running opens up new horizons and sets new goals. We take risks and if we lose or something doesn't work out, we don't regret but look ahead. This makes us more stubborn.

14. Running makes us have more patience and perseverance.

15. Running inevitably puts us into a healthier lifestyle.

16. You may eventually discover that you have a knack for running and make a career out of it.

17. Running after a while and especially when you see the first benefits becomes addictive.

18. Running is suitable for all ages.

19. While in other sports you depend to some extent on the movements of other athletes, in running you can run at any pace you choose.

20. The competitions we will participate in create even more emotions and expectations. We won't win anything material, but this anticipation, the preparation, the adrenaline rush, the people, the other runners, the finish are all so unique and unrepeatable and are another stepping stone to make you love running even more.

21. Running early in the morning gives you energy for the rest of the day. Running boosts the body's energy despite possible temporary fatigue.

22. It's cheap and costs absolutely nothing.

23. Running helps you lose weight, since you burn calories.

24. Running is the best form of exercise because it is aerobic.

25. Running to listen to your favorite music or your favorite Podcasts, like this one!

26. Running and in general o sport is a good example for children, since when they see their parents exercising and having a healthy lifestyle, it will inevitably enter their subconscious and they will also follow a healthier lifestyle. There is no better example and better motivation than the parents themselves.

27. It helps my metabolism and I can and do enjoy food even more.

28. Running helps you to have self-discipline, since getting into the rut of following a specific training program creates new habits and demands.

29. Running keeps you healthy, because you're just exercising.

30. It is a sport that you can do everywhere and at all times of the year.

31. Running improves the circulatory system, improves the heart and brain oxygenation. It helps in reducing heart attacks and is the cause of reducing strokes. It also naturally lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

32. Running not only does not cause arthritic problems but on the contrary strengthens the bones.

33. Running increases life expectancy even if it's just a few minutes each day, but it can also reduce the signs of aging.

34. Running reduces body fat.

35. Running helps you take care of yourself.

36. Running will help you get rid of bad habits.

37. Running is good for our memory, as regular aerobic exercise helps fight age-related memory loss.

38. Running makes you happy and a better person.

39. Running is joy and a source of life, it is an escape, it is a way of expression and thinking.

40. You can exercise with your dog and combine walking with exercise.

41. By running you prove to yourself that you can. That you can do things that maybe at some point you couldn't even imagine.

42. Running gives you the opportunity to run for a purpose and contribute to society. Many competitions through the participation of athletes raise money for various charities and organizations.

43. For those who work especially indoors it is a good opportunity to be outside in nature.

44. Running boosts vitamin D naturally.

45. It is a good opportunity to see and visit new places that you might never go. In recent years, sports tourism has seen a very large growth at the global level.

46. It is a hobby and it can only give you good.

47. You create new groups and a new circle of friends with common interests. It may look like a lonely sport, but that's not all.

48. In particular, long distances are struggles with your soul, struggles with your existence, struggles with your being. In the last few kilometers you learned more about yourself than you knew in your entire life.

49. The joy of finishing after so many hours of tension and fatigue is so great that you may not be able to walk after finishing or the next day, but the redemption you have felt in your soul is the greatest feeling and the greatest reward that you could have taken Is there anything better than ending up full of joy and optimism, with a smile from ear to ear because you made it on your own and with your own strength alone? And you feel that every time you finish a race or a workout. And when you have such feelings and feel so good, is it possible not to transmit them to your own people?

50. Finally when for whatever reason you stop running then you realize how much you miss it.

Thank you so much for listening!

Until next time, Be well be healthy and always do what we love and what makes us feel good.

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