32nd Podcast

Podcast Guest “It's a long road” is the runner and coach Kostas Houvardas. With Kostas we will have an interesting discussion on issues concerning amateur runners and with his help and experience we will try to analyze and outline as detailed as possible the preparation as well as the difficulties of the Authentic Athens Marathon or Classic.


Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road" by Costas Houvardas

01:50 Kostas, tell us a few things about yourself and how your involvement in sports began?

05:30 Tell us a little about the venture you are going to do running 7 Marathons on 7 consecutive Sundays and with a time under 3 hours?

10:50 To tell you the truth, with so much racing and training experience and so many kilometers you have on your feet, I don't know where to start and where to end with the questions, but I will try to hold back I would say and leave many questions for a future episode with you since today when the episode airs we're about a month ahead of it Authentic Athens Marathon or Classic, I would like us to focus only on him and with your experience give advice for all those who are either running it for the first time or are relatively inexperienced runners.

12:00 But let's start things from the beginning and I would say to divide the whole preparation of the Authentic Marathon into training, nutritional and psychological and to also go into different parts and tips concerning this particular race. In terms of training, how much earlier should I start and how will the training be generally distributed throughout this period?

20:40 What is tapering or shaping?

24:50 Let's go to the nutritional plan, which is one of the most important parts, isn't it? So what do I eat before a Marathon, but also on race day?

44:00 On the psychological part now that we should focus and what to pay attention to?

53:50 The route of his race Authentic Marathon of Athens.

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