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In this episode of the Podcast It's a long road we're going to talk about running on the treadmill. We will analyze the specifics of this option and mention the advantages and disadvantages of this way of training which for some is a one-way but for others an option.


Personally, but I think for most people when the dilemma comes running on the treadmill or outside in nature, the logical choice is outside for many different reasons. But there are also many who prefer it run indoors whether this is done at home or in a gym. Choosing to run on a treadmill is often a one-way street, but for some it is also a constant habit. There is no right or wrong here but what we like and what is convenient for us and what is not, because in the end whether we are running outside or on a treadmill the same work is done in terms of fitness.

Regarding the choice of having the corridor at home, I personally consider it the most difficult one, since there can be an immediacy and from the situation of sitting on the sofa in a few seconds to being on the corridor, but this choice, however easy and to be heard is even more difficult because the corridor inside the house most often ends up becoming a luxury hanger. It differs little only when there is a special space inside the house that is configured as a mini gym and it just makes us change rooms and shows.

In the gym Of course, things are a little different. First of all, it is also considered a social gathering, because you will always meet someone, you will always talk to someone and in general it is an exit from the house. Also doing your workout there on the treadmill, you can stay in the gym area and continue your workout with empowerment for example, which will only do you good. After all, the strengthening that I consider essential for all runners, most of them do not have it in their program, because quite simply when they run outside, when they finish their training they go straight home.

Now by all accounts running outside in nature can in no way be compared to running on a treadmill. We just said sometimes it's inevitable, so this is better than nothing.

The treadmill is something relatively new in our lives and it came in recent years. It was created so that the running training within a controlled and safe environment. Especially in recent years many treadmills are awesome calculators that give you all the stats right there on the plate. However, the increase in running around the world, the few open sports areas, the intense daily life of the western world and the minimal free time that this entails have brought with it an increase in the use of the corridor.

There is a lot of debate and many theories about running on the treadmill, I will try today through my own experience to make a mini report and bring to the surface what I can think of from the positives and also from the negatives of this option.

So starting from the positives of this activity we have and say:

– First of all, you have full control over all the setbacks of the weather and weather phenomena, since the training always takes place at a specific temperature. Some even because of her excessive heat in summer and because they either don't have the luxury of time or don't want to wake up at the crack of dawn, they do their run at noon, but of course in the luxury of indoors where the temperature is consistently cool.

– Him winter on the other hand, due to the cold and basically bad weather conditions, the corridor is also the only option. This happens to me too since in the area where I live, running on the treadmill winter season it's a one-way street. The good days when you can run outside are few and far between and when you can do this you will have to deal with very low temperatures, ice, a lot of snow, but also the intense pollution of the atmosphere which unfortunately you understand strongly piercing your nostrils and to enter your lungs. In fact, many times from the daily measurements of air pollution recommendations are made to avoid outdoor exercise. So the warmth and safety that the gym area offers me, I admit, overcome my will to run outside. It's not the best option, of course, but it's better than nothing. So while running on the treadmill is admittedly boring, I've found ways to make it pretty interesting too. In general I don't watch TV and I don't have time to watch movies or series. So for me winter and running on the treadmill is now combined with watching various series on some of the platforms out there. So sometimes I can't wait to say when I will do my run to see the next episode of a series or movie that piqued my interest. As a result, time passes much more easily.

– In winter, running on the treadmill also makes you feel safer, since many people are afraid to go out for a run after work as it is already getting dark.

– It is considered the most popular piece of equipment in a gym, since it is the main piece of equipment used by someone for cardio and fat burning.

– You choose the speed you want, resulting in a constant rhythm in relation to your heart rate. This is very useful especially for new runners.

– The load on the musculoskeletal system is less compared to running outside on asphalt, since it offers better shock absorption and especially when it comes to professional treadmills where they usually have a special system to reduce vibrations.

– Running on the treadmill requires less effort because there is no air resistance so the energy expended is less because the ground is moving.

– Another of the advantages of the corridor is that you can choose the slope you want it to have. This is important when your workout includes hills for it empowerment you, so you can more easily and immediately be helped to develop your muscle strength.

– Most corridors also have the function Intervals where you set in advance at what intensity you want your interval training to be, so with just the push of a button you can move from a slower pace to a faster one. You set the pace and the corridor seems to think for you!

– Because the environment is controlled, it helps you stay focused on training.

– Since you are in the gym you can combine it empowerment you with your run.

– To make, say, running on the treadmill equivalent to running outside, set the incline of the treadmill to 1%. There have been studies that show that with an incline of 1% you have the same energy expenditure as running outside.

– Running on the treadmill you don't have to worry about the weather, the temperature and how uneven the ground is.

– Running on the treadmill and especially in the gym where there are mirrors, we can very easily check our running technique by observing ourselves. This way we can correct technical elements in our running that need improvement, such as hand movement, foot pressing, use of stride length and frequency, proper uphill running and more.

– Used by many people as a way to lose calories through simple walking.

– Running on a treadmill does not require you to have wristwatch which measures time, pulse, distance, speed, number of steps and more, since all this is done by the treadmill. In fact, with the new technology, there are also many applications that are connected to the treadmill, so you have all the information about your exercise on your mobile phone. One such application that is mostly used by cyclists is the Zwift.

– Many modern treadmills allow you to create your own unique running “profile”, which you can use to simulate the exact course you may be planning to run in the future or even choose different types of courses.

– They have various aerobic exercise programs on their menu.

– The treadmill as a tool is also necessary for various scientific laboratories, for example, where the various ergometric tests or the fatigue tests are performed by cardiologists. It can also be used as a rehabilitation tool from an injury or as occupational therapy for people with severe mobility problems.

Giving some tips for running on the treadmill, I would say that you should always start as a warm-up at a lower speed than the one you intend to go. If, for example, you aim to run at a speed of 12 which is 5 minutes per kilometer then it is good to do a small warm-up of two, three minutes at 9 which is 6'40'' per kilometer and the same amount at the treadmill indicator 10 which is 06 minutes the kilometer, so that our body gets used to it and gets the corresponding adjustments before entering the main exercise.

Don't run too close to the front of the treadmill because you can't get a good stride that way. Try not to be too far forward and keep somewhere in the middle of the mat, because this way you will have the best posture, but also the best stride.

I have seen some people hold on to the handrails when walking or running on a treadmill. This is wrong because the handrails are only there to help you get on and off the treadmill safely or when you want to stop your exercise. Holding the handles during the exercise forces you to hunch over, which is undesirable and can lead to neck, shoulder and back pain. Keep your posture straight and upright with your head up and your back straight. If you're worried about falling, you're probably running at too fast a pace or too steep an incline. Slow down and/or decrease your incline.

Make sure to keep your body upright. It is not necessary to lean forward because the treadmill pulls your legs back. If you lean forward too much, like I said before you can end up with neck and back pain or you can lose your balance.

Make sure before you start running that you have everything you need with you and in place. For example, water, towel, cell phone, headphones so you don't have to stop exercising. If you still need to stop for some reason, never make the mistake of jumping because this will cause your injury. Reduce speed to minimum and then get off the runway. When you come back don't try to pick up exactly where you left off at a fast pace or steep incline.

So that running on the treadmill doesn't become boring, you can watch TV or watch a movie, listen to music or a podcast, and even better, make your training a little more complex by increasing the incline or the speed a little from time to time and for a specific time.

But what are some of the downsides of running on the treadmill?

– Running on the treadmill also carries various risks and you should be somewhat more careful and this is mainly due to the fact that the ground is moving. So before you start Make sure you know the operation of the treadmill and more specifically the basic buttons such as incline and decrease speed, start and stop. Also make sure that the safety button that serves to immediately stop the exercise is working.

– Among the disadvantages of the treadmill is that a good professional treadmill costs a lot of money and is difficult to buy for use at home, you can only find it in gyms.

– Going to a gym requires a subscription while running outside in nature is free.

- For its correct and orderly operation, it often needs service, while if it breaks down, it may also need a lot of money to repair it.

– Not suitable for workouts that have more sprinting.

– Also one of the disadvantages of using the treadmill is excessive elasticity, which can cause injuries to the Achilles tendons and knees. Hence the use of the corridor for one beginner it must be done gradually and carefully.

– Running only on a treadmill can weaken some of the muscles, resulting in a return to nature after a long time wounding, but also the prolonged use of the same muscles can cause some injury.

– Running on the treadmill isolates you and makes you lonelier since you have no contact with other runners and the sociability that is created is lost.

However, comparing the two types of running in relation to which one is better at burning calories, here the only thing that is certain is that both do an excellent and equal job. So whether you run outside or on a treadmill, you theoretically burn the same number of calories. Also running on a treadmill has a similar effect to running outdoors in terms of maximum oxygen uptake VO2 max., a measurement that as we know is a reference point for aerobic fitness.

In closing, I would say that generally running outside in nature cannot be compared to running indoors. It may have been proven that the shock absorption on the treadmill is greater, but who said that we don't want the shocks and that they are certainly not necessary in some cases? Vibration and running in a natural environment strengthens bones and ligaments. On the other hand, the feeling of the wind on your face, the view of new landscapes, the feeling of the sun on your skin, the sounds of nature, the clean and fresh air entering your lungs and the feeling of freedom you have running outside cannot be beat. compared to anything else. It's just that for some, the corridor is most of the time a one-way option.

Thank you so much for listening to me!

Until next time, be well be healthy and always do what we love and what makes us feel good.

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