53rd Podcast

Podcast Guest “It's a long road” is the runner Babis Voulkos. We will have an interesting discussion with Babis after we will talk about his sports career, how work and great performance can be combined, his club Dromea Thrace, as well as other interesting topics concerning amateur runners. 


Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road" with Babis Vulkos.

02:05 Babi, starting and for the world to get to know you, would you like to tell us some things about yourself, about where you are and if you remember what it was and when it prompted you to start running?

04:15 Babi what is it to you run; What does it offer you?

04:50 Do you believe that someone who is starting to deal with the run, is it a factor that can change his life? I mean also from matters of habits but even mentally?

05:54 What are the distances you mainly participate in??

06:25 As far as I know, you also have several distinctions. I saw that recently in Athens Marathon in fact, you ranked 11th overall and 10th in the Panhellenic championship, with an amazing time that is also a personal record of 2.32.22. How did this time come? Did you expect that?

13:05 How much hard training does it take to be able to run in such times?

14:07 Because I know that you are from the Prefecture of Evros, really how easy is it to train there and where do you basically train?

15:57 Are there any people who have influenced you throughout this journey?

16:40 How many times a week do you train and how long does a training session last?

17:26 Is there a race you will run in the near future? What are your next sporting goals?

20:29 Is there a place you'd like to run and haven't been able to so far?

24:10 Is there a race that you have singled out and loved the most?

25:17 What is more or less your nutrition during a Marathon?

27:41 It becomes one Marathon routine;

29:53 Have you had any injuries in your career? What are the feelings you have during periods of inactivity due to an injury?

34:15 As far as I know you are his athlete THRACE RUNNER. Is not that right; Tell us a little about your club and your activities?

36:25 How do you see the rise of running in our country and the steep increase in the organization of such races? Are there road races in your county and if so when are they held?

38:12 Are there sponsors who support you?

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