54th Podcast

Podcast Guests "It's a long road” are the coaches Yannis Veranis and Dimitris Dangas. 

Dimitris Dangas is an honors graduate of the T.E.F.A.A of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a specialization in "Indoor Sports Activities", but also holds a Master's Degree in Exercise and Physical Health from the Department of Medicine of the same University. He has been actively involved in sports since 2002 in the sport of football and Taekwon-Do, holding distinctions at the national level and now his occupation is in Crossfit and Weightlifting. From 2016 until today, he has been working in various gyms in Thessaloniki providing personal training services, with remote training guidance in Greece and abroad, while at the same time preparing candidates for the TEFAA and the security forces.

Yiannis Veranis is also an honors graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a specialization in "Indoor Sports Activities", as well as a Master's Degree in Exercise and Health at the School of Physical Education and Sports Sciences of the same University . He is involved in distance running and CrossFit. His specialty is athletic performance enhancement and injury prevention, and he also deals with the rehabilitation of injuries such as anterior cruciate ligament tears, meniscal tears and shoulder girdle tendinitis. From 2015 until today, he has been working in large gyms in Thessaloniki as a personal trainer, group instructor and pilates instructor with athletes and practitioners of all ages and goals, with remote training guidance, while at the same time preparing candidates for TEFAA and the security forces .

The passion of both for gymnastics and the constant updating of sports science led them to write sports articles on Greek sites, as well as to create a scientific sports site from 2019, www.workoutintelligence.com.


With Giannis and Dimitris we will have an interesting discussion after we will refer to training programs and types of training, endurance and how it improves, VO2max and ergometrics, as well as other interesting topics concerning amateur runners.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road” with coaches Yiannis Veranis and Dimitris Dangas.

06:40 Would you like to start by telling us a few things about yourself so that the world can get to know you, where you are active and what is your relationship with sports and running?

09:50 The first two questions I would like your opinion on come from some of our listeners and they are as follows:

If we take the example of an athlete whose goal is to run a Marathon race. Achieving this goal with copy-paste training programs or some others that some apps offer can be achieved? And if not why?

How important is the role of the coach to all those involved in running?

13:14 What do we mean by endurance? How does she improve?

15:25 What types of endurance are there depending on the training goal?

18:25 Can our running endurance be improved without running?

19:38 What factors do running endurance depend on?

21:50 What is a heart rate monitor or heart rate sensor and how useful is it in training?

24:50 How important are the training zones and if we should train based on them?

30:10 How is training intensity defined?

31:15 In which zone should our training sessions take place? Does each zone target a different thing as well?

32:50 What is the Vo2max and what does its price depend on?

38:30 What parts does a weekly workout consist of and what is the role of each workout?

39:30 What do we call tempo run and how is intensity defined?

41:25 What is the formation and why does it exist?

45:20 It's getting better anaerobic threshold;

46:25 How important are the Long Run; As well as a question that many ask is, How big should the Long Run be?

50:50 Is hill running a useful tool for everyone or just for trail runners?

53:17 Does hard training always get the right results?

56:50 Is an athlete's fitness assessment necessary and how often should fitness testing be done?

59:35 Empowerment is necessary for them amateur runners; Will my times improve?

01:02:10 Are ergometric tests necessary?

01:03:33 Is there a relationship between sleep and athletic performance?

01:05:55 Finally, I would like you to tell us where and how someone can find you.

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