55th Podcast

Podcast Guest “It's a long road” is the Marathon runner and up-and-coming coach Yiannis Torosian. Giannis is a runner of short and long distances, with considerable experience, having participated and distinguished himself in many races both in Greece and abroad.


With Giannis we will have an interesting conversation and we will refer to his training, injuries, sports career, but also other interesting topics concerning amateur runners.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road" with Yiannis Torosian.

01:50 Do you remember what motivated you to start running and when did it happen? How did it get in? run in your life;

03:37 Do you remember your first match?

04:05 There is magic in running a Marathon race and especially hers of Athens, where in fact in the last one you ran you also set an individual record?

08:20 Who is your next big one? target;

08:47 Are there any races you would like to take part in sometime in the future?

09:40 Mountain running or on the road?

10:20 Is your main occupation your involvement in sports?

11:30 Has sports hardened you in such a way that you overcome any difficulties from a different perspective?

12:08 True to a great one marathon race which has a lot of strain and fatigue if you have negative thoughts how do you manage to overcome them?

13:20 How much training hiding behind an athlete with Marathon times consistently close to 2.30 hours?

14:40 How many times a week do you train and how long does one last? training you?

16:13 What has been the most challenging race you have run so far?

17:10 Who is your favorite? Marathon;

17:34 John to one marathon race road where you are an athlete with a constant time of less than 3 hours, what is your energy supply?

19:52 Have you had any injuries in your career? What are the feelings you have during periods of inactivity due to an injury?

21:43 Do you have any advice or tips for match day?

23:00 Apart from being an athlete, you also coach, don't you?

23:25 How important is his role coach to all those involved in running?

24:30 To create one training program, what factors are taken into account?

26:25 How do you see the rise of running in our country and at the same time the increase in the organization of such races?

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