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"Podcast Guest"It's a long road” is the triathlete and runner of short and long distances Denise Dimaki. With Denise we will have an interesting conversation after we will refer to moments of her rich sports career, triathlon, the difficulties and the role of the modern female runner but also various other interesting topics concerning amateur runners.


Denise, who is a graduate of the Department of Economics of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, serves in the Fire Brigade and is a mother of two children. A high-level athlete herself for a number of years, she has successfully participated in races, triathlons and long distances both in Greece and abroad.

Starting her career in 1990 as a middle and long distance runner, she switched to triathlon in 2002 where she won the Greek Triathlon Championship 13 times in a row (2002-2014), while at the same time recording top performances in other sports such as running and cycling .

One of her greatest honors was the bronze medal at the Pan European Championships in Serres in June 2008, while one of the greatest achievements of her rich sports career was representing Greece in the triathlon at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. thus making her the 1st Greek Triathlete to participate in the Olympic Games.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road" with the Denise Dimaki.

05:45 Would you like him to tell us a few things about you and most importantly how he got into it run, the triathlon and sports in general in your life?

09:50 How developed is triathlon in Greece? I ask this from both points of view. Professional and amateur triathlon.

12:48 How demanding is the triathlon; what qualifications must an athlete have to engage in this particular sport? for example one amateur athlete how can the triathlon start?

14:00 If we get a triathlon race. How does he start?

16:05 Regarding the training and the type of triathlon that someone wants to run, is his training parameterized in relation to intensities and kilometers according to the distance of the race he has chosen to compete in? Ironman, sprint, Olympic distance. Should there be a different approach to each and a corresponding planning of intensities in order to achieve the desired result?

17:35 Is there any tip for swimming tactics?

19:20 What are the differences between Triathlon swimming and classical swimming?

20:20 Is there a tip for cycling tactics?

21:35 How different is classic running from triathlon? Really, what is it like after two different sports and especially after cycling, to start running?

23:30 Should one give importance to one of the three events or should one work on all three equally?

25:15 What are transition zones in triathlon and how important are they?

30:00 How expensive is triathlon? What equipment is needed?

34:50 What emotions are born and how did you experience your participation in the Beijing Olympics? Is the whole process really, as many say, an incredible experience?

36:40 Do you remember your first triathlon race?

37:00 Triathlon is certainly a very demanding event that often pushes athletes to their limits. Really, you as an athlete who experienced such situations, what do you think is what makes people want to reach their limits?

39:50 If I were to ask you to tell me which of the three sports is even slightly your favorite?

41:30 What is it to you? run;

43:35 From all that you have achieved in your sports career which was more intense for you emotionally?

44:25 What has been your toughest race to date?

45:40 Are there any people who have influenced you throughout this journey?

46:58 Has sports hardened you in such a way that you overcome any difficulties from a different perspective?

48:10 Do you think that someone who starts running is a factor that can change his life? I mean also from matters of habits but even mentally?

52:15 Of course, I have seen through Social and I also said in the preface that you continue and have many distinctions, since for example in Marathon races you are consistently under 3 hours. How hard is it to stay at that level?

56:45 Do you have a favorite place where you train?

57:10 Nutrition and sleep. What is their role and how do these two affect you?

59:10 What advice would you give to an aspiring Marathon Runner?

01:00:50 Do you have any tips and advice to share with us on how someone can combine sports, everyday life, work and possibly family?

01:03:10 Do you feel your children are inspired by your achievements?

01:05:08 How do you see the rise of running in our country and the steep increase in the organization of such races?

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