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"Podcast Guest"It's a long road” is Dimitra Andreou. Dimitra, who specializes in motion analysis for shoe selection, holds a motion analysis certification from the Currex Academy in Germany since 2015 and is the trainer of the running store team Outrun located in Flisvos Marina in Paleo Faliro. Dimitra lives in Athens, has two children aged 20 and 18 and has dedicated her life to the running community in which she actively participates by taking part in races with the role of supporter, photographer, animator, coordinator and almost never stands still at the starting line. She claims that in this way she wants to stay out of personal goals so that she can step into the "road" shoes of others in an almost absolute way.


With Dimitra we will talk about the equipment of the runners and we will refer to the selection method and criteria running shoes. We will talk about the different types of them, the differences between them, we will analyze some of the most popular technical terms in order to make it easier and understand the essence of the selection process running shoe in simple and understandable language.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road" with Dimitra Andreou.

05:15 Can you tell us a little about what you do?

06:15 What do you consider essential in a runner's equipment?

07:05 Let's move on to the main topic of today's Podcast which is none other than the most popular among runners, the shoes. I'm sure we've all been involved in a conversation about shoes at one point or another, and many times I'm sure we've been asked if and to what extent we're happy with the X pair of shoes we're wearing. If not, surely we have all seen in a Social Post someone asking what shoe we would recommend and underneath a bunch of answers for almost all brands. So in this bombardment I would say of the companies with the abundance of models and technologies comes the big question which is none other than, By what criteria do I choose a shoe?

10:50 What are the differences between running shoes from simple sneakers?

11:50 It is necessary to palmogram and by extension the personalized soles?

12:50 Is it good to have just one pair of shoes or more? Same for matches and training for example?

15:00 What shoe size should we buy?

16:15 Does shoe width matter?

17:30 What are terms like Cushion, Stability, Heel drop, Stack Height, Carbon, Performance/Racing?

23:20 Depending on the wear and tear on the shoes we wear, can we also understand what type of tread we have?

25:00 What do we mean by saying? Super Shoes; Can they really help you become, for example, faster and perform better? Is it for all runners?

27:00 The shoes for Trail Running are they different and if so how do they differ?

28:05 Should winter running shoes be different from summer?

29:10 How often should we change them?

33:45 A shoe that we buy for example because we found it on a bargain but we end up wearing it after a long time, does this have an effect on the performance of the shoe? Or if for example we leave it on the counter for a long time, after a while when we wear it again will it be the same again?

34:52 Can a shoe hurt you?

36:10 Depending on what type of runner you are, do you need the corresponding shoe? And I mean in terms of time and how fast you are.

37:17 Ta running shoes are they washed?

38:40 What are the extra holes in the laces of all shoes?

40:00 If I asked you to help me buy socks what would you advise me? Are there any differences in socks?

43:50 Where is the shoe industry going? What can we expect to see in the future?

45:15 There are ideal shoes for someone who has an injured knee such as the cruciate ligament and meniscus.

46:17 I have seen through the Socials that you have made mass training an institution, since if I am not mistaken every Wednesday you gather some people and run together. Tell me a little bit about it, how did it start and what exactly do you do?

47:05 Of all the products you have in your store, which Top 5 would you suggest as little tips to our listeners?

49:00 In closing, I would like to ask you where and how can someone find you?

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