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"Podcast Guest"It's a long road” is the runner, biochemist and nutritionist Maria Kanaki. Since 2009, Maria has been a Biochemist - Biotechnologist, a graduate of the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of the University of Thessaly. Also since 2013 he is a graduate of T.E.I. of Thessaly in the Science of Nutrition and Dietetics and holds a master's degree in "Nutrition in Health and Disease". At the same time, she has published her papers in international scientific journals on topics related to antioxidants, biofunctional foods and the nutritional status of oncology patients.

Today she collaborates with sports academies and gyms in the field of nutrition education and monitoring, while in 2020 she founded her private office Fitme Nutrime where she daily serves the public as well as performance athletes in live and online sessions


With Maria we will have an interesting discussion, since we will refer to various topics related to nutrition in relation to athletes, but more specifically we will talk about the nutritional preparation of a runner for his participation in a Marathon race.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road” with the dietitian-nutritionist and Biochemist  Maria Kanaki

03:12 Maria, starting out and for the world to get to know you, would you like to tell us something about yourself, your relationship with running and professionally where and how you are active?

05:10 Which could be the daily diet plan of a runner?

08:45 For someone who has the Marathon as his goal, so his training is proportional to this goal, what do we eat before and after an interval training, in general a long run say 20 km and in general what is the diet for preparation Marathon?

15:24 A question I have myself has to do with the term Hydrocarbonation. What exactly is it and how should it be raised? Does it have a basis? Apply;

23:50 Nutritionally what advice would you give someone on the day of a Marathon race?

33:10 What do we eat after a Marathon race? Is it right to eat whatever we find?

38:10 Is there a difference between plain and whole wheat pasta?

Maria Kanaki
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