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Podcast Guest “It's a long road” is the runner and coach Kostas Houvardas. Kostas was in the past a professional runner, later a journalist and radio producer and now with special distinctions in Greece and abroad he is a coach and long-distance runner, a gym owner and a certified Crossfit trainer.


We will have an interesting discussion with Kostas, since with his help and his many years of experience, he will give us a 16-week training plan for Marathon preparation, while he himself will also answer various questions that have been asked by all of you friendly listeners broadcast.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road" by Costas Houvardas.

09:30 So that's it from me, Kostas, let's get into the deep end and into today's episode, where today it airs on July 6, which means 4 months, 16 weeks before the Authentic Athens Marathon. The celebration of runners not only in Greece, but also for the whole world. So today is the most appropriate time to put this episode on the air with your help, and take as an example a 16-week training model for Marathon preparation in various types of athletes, meaning for someone who is a beginner or even someone who is a moderate to good athlete.

58:00 Questions from the listeners:

– Which workouts give the most benefit-adaptations to an athlete who is not endurance gifted, eg increase endurance in type 2 muscle fibers.

– If lemon, salt, honey, water is equivalent to gel and salt stick for long runs
– At how many weeks should the fasts start Long Run at race pace?
– How many gels should I take?
– How do we heal? tendonitis on our knees to run the Marathon?
– What training should I do to tackle the uphills? Last year I had cramps after 20.
– Uphills and empowerment throughout the preparation or is it good to emphasize the beginning?
– Preparation and heat;
– What do we get instead of gel? Even the Maurtens after 25 tease me.
– Cramps after 30 are usually from lack of strength or due to feeding?
- With the training plan what diet do you recommend?
– If deserting thoughts appear in the race, how do you drive them away to finish?
– I will run him for the first time. Then he needs someone physiotherapist for massage;
– Pain in knees after 20 km. Strengthening, shoe or even more training kilometers?
- My Kostas, why do you cry when you turn onto Herodos Attikou?
– Hyrox training helps for road or mountain race more; Do you recommend her?
– Compression socks and other important accessories for Marathon.
- To whom pulse zone is it ideal at marathon race time?
– Nutrition Tips, before the Long Run. Nuts, tahini or peanut butter, etc.
– What should we beginners pay attention to in the preparation of the Marathon?
– How different in volume, intensity, type of tempo and Intervals is the training of the 3h, 4h, 4h+ athlete?
– Intervals with small uphill sections? Easy uphill? Long uphill? What does he suggest?
– Is it possible for an amateur runner at OK level (half in 1.27) with proper preparation time under 3 hours?
Race pace 4.50. What pace should I have on the uphills to correct?
– I wanted to ask you, since I started running this year, what should I follow in her part power supply; By the 23km run last Sunday, I had 3 sips of a smart juice.
– Is it worth the pain of Foam Rollers after Long Runs, or can we use the time afterwards for some other exercise recovery;
– If someone has elevated troponin can they train at high intensities?
– Exercises for knee strengthening; Program for beginners aiming at 4.30 hours.
– Nutrition and natural supplements in the race for strict vegetarians?


Kostas Houvardas
Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/kostas.houvardas


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