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Podcast Guest “It's a long road” is sports psychologist Frosso Patsou.

Mrs. Patsu is Psychologist, a graduate of Panteion University and holder of a master's degree in Sports Psychology. He also holds a degree from the Department of Physical Education and Sports of the University of Athens and a PhD from Panteion University from the Department of Psychology.


Since 2008 she has been a scientific collaborator of the National Athletics Team, while in 2009 and 2011 she had her own column on psychology issues on SKAI and NET TV shows. From 2017-2019 she was a Scientific Associate of the AEK Football Academies, while from 2022 she is a Scientific Associate of the AEK Football Team.

He has collaborations with athletes in both individual and team sports while, at the same time, he has educational work in public and private I.E.K.s, in Adult Education Centers and in Lifelong Learning structures. Her research work is quite significant with presentations at world conferences and publications in scientific journals.

Froso Patsu was one of the leading ones female track and field athletes in our country, having many sporting successes to her credit as a 100m track and field champion. with a personal record of 11΄΄.31 in 2001. Some of her most important sporting successes are 4th place at the European Youth Championships in the 100m. in 1994 in Norway, 6th place in the World championship in Edmonton, Canada in 2001 with the 4*100m relay. both bronze medals at the Mediterranean Games in Tunisia in the same year. Highlights of her career were her participation in the 2000 Olympics in Australia and 2004 in Athens and her ranking in 13th place. He is the holder of Panhellenic records with numerous medals in the 100 and 200m. in the national championships. She was a member of the National Athletics Team from 1989 until 2006 where she ended her sports career.

We will have an interesting discussion with Mrs. Patsou, since we will refer to sports psychology, the mind games we have in long-distance races, family support and the role our immediate environment plays in achieving our goals, in keeping children busy with sports, but also in other equally interesting subjects.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road” with the psychologist Frosso Patsu.

12:40 Froso, would you like to start by telling us a little about yourself and also how did sports come into your life?

23:32 So that we can understand various terms and also for our fellow listeners to understand some things even better, I would like to start with the question of what is Sports Psychologist;

26:10 Having been a high-level athlete, has that helped you to understand athletes even better?

27:22 What will bring me to Sports Psychologist; I mean, do I have to be some kind of elite athlete or have some sort of "problem" to visit?

28:20 Do you want to tell us a few words about the Psychological Preparation Program that you apply to athletes? What is this;

30:39 Maximizing performance with the Sports Psychologist?

31:08 What factors determine the success to an athlete?

32:20 In a few days we have in Athens the biggest road event in Greece and I am talking about it Authentic Marathon of Athens, where thousands of runners will line up at the starting line, while some of them will either be doing it for the first time on this route, or even for the first time in their lives. What can it mean for someone to run a Marathon? Why does he do it?

34:38 It is a fact that in long-distance races we have various mind games as a result of which we think of various things in order to make the duration of the race as less painful as possible, but also to pass the time with thoughts. So here I would like to ask what kind of thoughts it is better to do in order to continue the effort and complete it successfully?

37:30 What is psychological flow?

38:30 Is there anything we can gain from a sporting failure?

40:35 And since we're talking about failure. How close or far are the concepts Failure and failed? How much these two close concepts affect her our psychology;

41:35 Froso I'll start with a question from a listener friend who asks what should be the support of the family in this madness that we are carrying? Of course he talks about it run and the hours of training that we are often forced to be away from home, perhaps financially, but also our participation in some competitions.

45:35 And since we are talking about family and our own people, does our immediate environment play a role in achieving our goals?

46:15 The next question is from a friend of the show and he asks:
What is the motivation one needs to find to improve from week to week, not to stop run when the weather or conditions make it difficult, for the consistency he must observe, as well as how to combine it with the difficult everyday life and work?

48:10 I guess most of us, if not all, have felt that mental fatigue that leads us to put off a workout or, in a more extreme scenario, abstain from it completely for a period of time (perhaps, some, for “ always").

50:45 How true or not is the saying that great things are only achieved when you step out of your comfort zone?

51:38 I really know what drives many runners and especially those of long distance over 100 kilometers for example to make such excesses?

53:30 I would like to change the section of questions here and since I am sure that many parents are also listening to us, I would like to ask you some questions concerning our children and I am sure that they are questions of many. Is physical activity necessary for children?

54:50 How do I choose a sport for my child? How do I know what he likes?

57:10 I am sure that many of us have registered our child somewhere, but after a while he got bored and wants to be registered elsewhere, etc. Should we be concerned about this?

58:30 O sports psychologist does it apply to children? Is sport psychology useful at young ages?

58:45 But why do most children stop playing sports? Can we as parents do something? How can we keep kids in sports?

59:59 What not to say to our child after a defeat?

01:00:58 Since Christmas is in about two months and we'll generally be in the Christmas mood before long, is it good to tell our children that Santa Claus exists?

01:01:40 In closing, would you like to tell us where and how someone can find you?

Frosso Patsu
Ph.D, M.Sc Psychologist – Sports Psychologist
Facebook: Ideal Psychology by Frosso Patsou


Thiras 26, 153 44 Gerakas

2nd Office:
Athens Olympic Sports Center "O.A.K.A. – Spyros Louis”, Amarissias – Artemisos, 151 23 Maroussi

Mobile: +306982892832
E-mail: frossopatsou@yahoo.gr


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