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Podcast Guest “It's a long road” is the runner and coach Yiannis Dimopoulos.

Giannis has been involved in sports since 1976 in different sports such as ice hockey, football, taekwondo, but also kick boxing where in 1998 he was distinguished as the 1st Mediterranean Champion in his category.


Giannis, in addition to being a professional running coach, is also an active runner himself and still has several awards to his credit.

He has been running since 1999, where he ran his first marathon, the Athens Authentic Marathon, followed by many races culminating in the two Spartathlons in 2012 and 2015, where he set a personal record of 28:45:33, a performance that placed him in the 6th best position among Greek athletes of all times at that time.

In 2016 he founded the Dimopoulos Coaching with the aim of sharing his knowledge and experience, coaching each athlete individually with different techniques and training programs in order to be able to respond as best as possible. He always motivates his athletes and not only to work hard, to follow the programs and to be consistent, because this is the only way they will be able to complete their goals. As he himself says, his goal is always for his athletes to give their best and do as well as possible without injuries and only with personal successes.

With Giannis we will have an interesting conversation after we will talk about his second book that has just been released and is entitled "Decoding the Hyper-Distances", where we will see some of the chapters it is made of and the purpose for which it was written, we will talk about strengthening, hydration and energy replenishment during competitions and many other interesting topics that concern amateurs. runners.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road” with runner and coach Yiannis Dimopoulos.

10:30 First, John, would you like to tell us a few things about his race this year Spartathlon, where outrageous things happened?

14:37 As far as I know, all 5 of your athletes who participated in the Spartanathlon finished, didn't they?

17:00 Yiannis and for the listeners to know, would you like to tell us once more who Yiannis Dimopoulos is?

18:40 So let's start, John, with your new book entitled "Decoding the long distances». Do you want to tell us a little bit about it?

20:30 So what will I gain? amateur runner reading your book?

22:24 What is the purpose of the book?

23:15 What was missing in the area of long distances and this book came to cover?

25:35 Basically, John, what are the long distances;

28:07 Why are you "stuck" so much with the long distances;

29:15 Is ultra-distance for everyone? What advice would you give to someone who wants to take the next step and compete long distances; What should he do and how should he approach it?

34:57 Are VO2 Max and maximum speed at VO2 Max two factors that determine our training plan? Are both clues equally important? VO2max plays a role in long distances;

38:50 How important is our weight at these distances?

40:40 Who is the energy replenishment for this kind of competition? Is the protocol similar to a Marathon race?

44:45 How to avoid stomach upsets when running long distances?

49:18 In an ultra distance training plan how important are uphills and downhills?

51:52 In your book, you refer to blisters, concussions and black nails, something that we encounter very often in long distances and especially in ultra distances. Really what do you have to tell us about them?

53:37 John, if someone buys your book, will they be able to come up with a long-distance training program that fits their needs?

58:30 I also saw that a lot of runners were interviewed and they are in your book. Do you want to address that?

01:02:28 John, how important is empowerment to runners and especially long-distance runners?

01:05:35 Training fasted or fed? For example, we get up on Sunday morning and have a Long Run of, for example, 2 hours to do. Do we eat before training or is it better to do it on an empty stomach?

01:09:33 But not to do injustice to your first attempt with the book "The Power of I Can» would you like to tell us a few words about this book as well?

01:10:57 Also how can someone get your two books;

01:11:22 Racing-wise, are you planning anything for the future?

01:12:20 Will you tell us a little about it Dimopoulos Coaching;

01:13:13 In closing, I would like to ask you where and how can someone find you?

Dimopoulos Coaching
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dimopouloscoaching

John Dimopoulos

Decoding the Hyper-Distances
The power of I can

Sparta of Laconia


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