91st Podcast

"Podcast Guest"It's a long road” is the Greek Triathlon Champion Nadia Syntzanaki. Born in Chania, architect by profession and mother of 3 children, Nadia Syntzanaki is a high-level athlete and for a number of years, has successfully participated in triathlon competitions with special distinctions both in Greece and abroad.


She also participates in many swimming, cycling and running competitions as part of her better preparation for the goals she sets in the triathlon and her course and development with participations not only in the Olympic distance but also in more demanding competitions have given her many awards and first seats.

What Nadia emphasizes is that it is never too late for someone to get involved in sports even at such a demanding level, since she herself started intensively dealing with triathlon in 2013 at the age of 37 and is now considered one of the greatest triathletes in Greece with participations and distinctions in great triathlon and Ironman competitions.

We will have an interesting conversation with Nadia, as we will refer to moments of her sports career, triathlon, how she herself distributes her time, the difficulties and the role of the modern female runner, but also various other interesting topics.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road" with Nadia Syntzanaki.

12:22 Nadia, but would you like to tell us a few things about you and most importantly how did you get into triathlon and sports in general in your life?

14:12 Is your main occupation your involvement in sports?

15:05 What is a typical day really like for you?

16:45 How is the weekly training and how long does it last for a triathlete? Give us an example of one triathlete.

18:15 Should one give importance to one of the three events or should one work on all three equally?

19:30 How demanding is the triathlon? what qualifications must an athlete have to engage in this particular sport?

21:00 What kinds of matches triathlon there are;

22:22 It's expensive to deal with triathlon;

23:13 Is it one of the three sports you love the most?

24:00 Do you remember your first triathlon race?

25:00 Triathlon is certainly a very demanding event that often pushes athletes to their limits. Really you, as an athlete who experienced such situations, what do you think it is that makes people want to reach the limits their;

26:10 Who was until today the most your hard fight;

27:20 Is there a race that you have singled out and loved the most?

28:45 You have coach and if so, what is the selection criterion and how much role does it play in your course?

29:45 Diet and sleep. How important a role do these play in achieving your goals?

30:50 Is it worth putting sports in one's life even in old age?

31:45 Do you think that someone who starts running or triathlon, is it a factor that can change his life? I mean also from matters of habits but even mentally?

32:40 Training, family, work, great performances, how do they all fit together in 24 hours? Do you have any tips and advice to share with us (if any) on how someone can combine sports, everyday life, work and possibly family?

36:00 Who and how difficult is the role of the modern woman triathlete;

37:20 Do you feel your children are inspired by your achievements?

38:45 Is there a place you'd like to run that you haven't been able to so far?

40:05 Are there any people who have influenced you throughout this journey?

41:15 When there is free time in your schedule what do you like to do the most?

42:00 How did 2023 end for you and what are your next sporting goals?

43:30 Where is the triathlon in Crete and are there any competitions organized there?

Nadia Syntzanaki


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