90th Podcast

Podcast Guest “It's a long road” is the runner Nikos Pilikas. Nikos is the founder of one of the largest travel websites in Greece, the Gorun.gr, where, in addition to other topics, he deals with and cites extensive reviews of many running shoes.


With Niko in today's episode we will talk about shoes and we will see where each company is located, what new models to wait for the new year, which will help us in our choice for the purchase of our new one running shoe, while we will also generally refer to the trends for its future development shoe technology.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road" with the Nikos Pilica.

12:10 Niko, for starters and for the world to get to know you, would you like to tell us a few words about yourself and the website you manage?

16:40 What are terms like Cushion, Stability, Heel drop, Carbon, Performance/Racing;

31:40 Its weight plays an important role in our choice shoe;

So let's start with the companies we have here in Greece, so to avoid any misunderstanding we will take the companies in alphabetical order.

36:10 ADIDAS

41:35 ALTRA

42:30 ASICS

44:38 BROOKS

46:05 HOKA

48:15 MIZUNO


52:00 NIKE

54:35 ON

56:30 PUMA

57:55 REEBOK


01:02:35 SKECHERS

01:04:00 Which company do you think will make a difference in the near future?

01:07:00 What to expect in the future from shoe technology; Where are we going;

Nikos Pilikas
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