101st Podcast

Podcast Guest “It's a long road” is the runner and coach Giorgos Loufekis. Giorgos is an active runner of short and long distances in the mountains and on the asphalt terrain, trying the ultra-distances in recent years, with many distinctions to his credit. In addition, he is also a professional coach in endurance events (running, triathlon, cycling) with the L-Crew team.


We will have an interesting discussion with Giorgos Loufekis, since he will tell us his own coaching concept and approach he has for his athletes and running in general and will analyze the criteria we must have and deal with our fellow athletes, the coaches and the field in general in order to improve.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road” with George Loufekis:

02:00 So to start, would you like to tell us a few words about yourself and your involvement in sports and run;

04:06 Do you want to tell us about your team, L-Crew? It is not the norm to see teams in individual events. Usually we see the coach and his athletes, but the L-Crew is one of those cases where, at least outwardly, teamwork emerges.

06:10 I would like you to tell us about your work as coach. How do you work, how do you think, how do you deal with the coaching quality and process?

09:23 What do you consider success based on your coaching approach?

11:14 How do you deal with "character mismatch" with one of your athletes?

12:27 What makes you stronger? THE success or the failure;

15:43 What are the criteria for selecting a coach? What criteria would you use to choose a coach for you and/or in the future for your child?

19:21 How important his role is coach to all those involved in running?

20:13 Who do you think you are? top coaches in Greece in endurance events?

24:53 If we take the example of an athlete whose goal is to run one marathon race. Achieving this goal with copy-paste training programs or some others that some apps offer can be achieved?

26:50 To create one training program, what factors are taken into account? How difficult and complex is it to design a proper program? Is it the same for everyone?

28:51 I would like to ask here if hard training always has the right results? And I'm referring more to overtraining syndrome.

30:41 If someone asked you, How can I improve? what would you advise him?

33:00 Running: How to increase your running distance safely?

33:57 Running: is it a good choice for daily exercise?

35:15 Is it worth it to include sports and by extension running in one's life even in old age?

36:33 Mountain running or on the road?

37:53 Do you have any advice or tips for match day?

39:46 How do you see the rise of running in our country and the steep increase in the organization of such races?

41:56 But there is also a growing trend towards extreme racing. What's your opinion?

46:25 What makes people want to explore their limits and where do they go?

47:14 Are there any races you would like to take part in?

48:58 In closing, I would like to ask you where and how can someone find you?

George Loufekis
Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/giwrgos.loufekis
email: g1989louf@hotmail.com


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