47th Podcast

Podcast Guest “It's a long road” is the runner Dimitris Karaoglanidis. Dimitris is a professor of Physical Education, with a Masters in Sports Coaching and a PhD in Physical Education and Sports with an emphasis on Sports Psychology. He teaches the courses of Coaching and Sports Psychology at the Department of Sports Coaching and Physical Education of the University of East London at the Metropolitan College of Heraklion.


We will have an interesting discussion with Dimitris, since we will refer to sports watches, an integral accessory of all runners and with its help we will try to understand some of the functions and measurements they give us.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road” with runner and Physical Education Professor Dimitris Karaoglanidis.

08:50 Some of them are worth a lot of money. Is it worth buying? Why not buy one Smart watch which costs 50 euros and I have to get a Garmin For example which is much more expensive?

14:30 Are so-called "sports" watches reliable when measuring the number of steps, calories burned or our heart rate?

19:50 What is the indicator? VO2max;

24:20 What is HRV (heart rate variability) and why is it useful?

25:52 How does knowing HRV help us in training?

28:51 Frequency and stride length (strides per minute and stride length)

29:38 But how can we use this in training?

31:40 How can we calculate the ideal stride frequency for us?

33:50 What exactly is overstriding and how do we know we're doing it?

36:27 What is oxygen saturation and how do we measure it (Pulse Ox or SpO2)?

38:37 Why are we interested in oxygen saturation in training?

39:44 What is Training effect and EPOC

42:40 How does knowing the training effect help us?

43:38 Recording Heartbeats. How useful is it to us?

44:50 What is more important to know our heart rate or our pace during training?

47:22 What is Road Power?

49:34 Why is it useful to us?

52:03 What is Multi-band GPS?

53:25 What new do we expect from the big wearables manufacturing companies?

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