63rd Podcast

Podcast Guest “It's a long road” is the runner and physical therapist Stelios Petroutsos. Stelios is a Physiotherapist, a graduate of the Higher Technical University of Athens and holds a Masters in orthopedics & sports rehabilitation (University of South Australia – 2005). 

 Stelios Petroutsos is a regular member of the Sports Medicine Australia (Sports Medicine Australia – 907251) and is also registered with the UK Health Professions Council (PH 77725) and the Panhellenic Association of Physiotherapists.

 His research and clinical interest focuses on applied biomechanics, which allows him to deal with a wide range of patients regardless of age, activity or pathology. In 2010, not by chance, on the 35th kilometer of the Authentic route of the Athens Classic Marathon, he founded Physio Kinetics. A versatile specialist center for musculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries. He himself, for the last 7 years, has been dealing exclusively with short and long distance runners.

 He has worked in many rehabilitation clinics abroad, while recently, he was selected by a well-known, international manufacturer of running sports shoes for road and mountain, as one of 5 clinicians worldwide, to staff an independent scientific advisory group, for the development of their running shoes company.

 Finally, he himself is an active long and ultra long distance mountain and road runner.



With Stelios we will have an interesting discussion, since we will refer to the recovery after a race, the most common injuries of runners and how to deal with them, but also the mistakes that lead a runner to the injury.

 Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road" by Stelios Petroutsos.

04:25 Stelio, because I know that your experience is extensive and you have many shows both in Greece and abroad, can you tell us a little about yourself and your occupation?

07:14 The run is a sport whose popularity has increased in recent years in our country, but unfortunately within the game are also the injuries. Sometimes serious and sometimes not so much. What are the most common ailments of runners?

09:30 What are the signs that will lead me to the doctor or the physiotherapist my;

11:44 What are the common mistakes that lead one runner to the injury?

14:03 Can you now give us some advice or Tips that a runner should do to stay away from injuries?

16:25 How is the restoration after an injury and what stages are there? What is Sport Specific Screening that you apply?

21:20 There are unseen skeletal abnormalities that can not only sabotage high sports performance, but also to subject the athlete to chronic injuries, no matter how disciplined he trains?

26:33 Through her physiotherapy to you at Physio Kinetics, can musculoskeletal conditions be rehabilitated?

29:13 Here I would like to ask you something more general which is actually a question that most runners ask. When and how will I return to training sessions after an injury?

35:00 How will one run smoothly one Marathon; What advice would you give?

39:05 How to get the best possible recovery after a race Marathon;

41:00 Another frequent phenomenon that I have also seen happen to some of my friends and it comes suddenly out of nowhere is the Plantar fasciitis. What exactly is it and how do you fight it?

49:00 Can there be some kind of prevention?

51:57 Stelio, I would like to ask you some things about a subject that is the scourge of runners in Hibiscus tape, since it is one of the most common causes of runner's knee problems. What is it and why does it appear so often in runners?

56:20 It may also be due to errors in training plan;

58:00 What is the treatment? Will some physical therapy help? Any exercise science help? For example the empowerment of the pelvic and hip muscles is a solution to iliotibial band syndrome?

59:40 Stelios I believe there is no runner who hasn't heard at least once that running will destroy their knees. Really how much myth or truth is this? Are there relevant studies that prove anything? Is continued exercise protective or destructive?

01:03:20 I recently saw through Social Media that you participated in the Canary Islands, in an 85 km Trail race. Really tell us a little about this experience of yours?

01:06:55 What was the weather like?

01:09:22 So mountain or asphalt?

01:11:30 In closing, I would like to ask you where and how someone can find you and in general what services do you offer?

Stelios Petroutsos
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