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Podcast Guest “It's a long road” is the runner and coach Manolis Miliarakis. Manolis is the coach of INTERVAL TEAM and as a mountain runner he has many experiences, images and successes in the Greek mountains. Some of his accolades in mountain running races are 3rd place 2 times in Paranesti at the distance of 46 km, 3rd place in the distance of 110 km and again in Paranesti with a time of 13:10 minutes, 9th place in the Ursa Trail, 15th place in the new Olympus Marathon with 5:45 and many more!!!


With Manolis we will have an interesting discussion and we will mention mountain running, but also the Olympus Marathon, a race with international influence that takes place on Olympus, the mythical "mountain of the gods" on the last weekend of every June.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road” with the runner and coach Manoli Miliarakis.

03:10 Would you like to tell us a little about yourself, so that the world can get to know you?

04:10 Manoli I would say to start with the basics and maybe for some who don't know, would you like to tell us what the Trail Running;

08:45 Really, is there any basic division that is made in the routes of the trail run, such as for example based on the slope but also the surface of the ground?

09:50 The run in the mountain is something like an adventure?

11:00 What is the most important difficulty compared to running on asphalt? In general, what are the important differences between mountain running and asphalt running?

13:43 There is a possibility of more injuries due to terrain?

14:14 What does it mean when we see in a trail race +3500m, a positive altitude difference of 3500 meters. What is this;

15:13 What are the main characteristics in which one runner who wants to engage in mountain running should pay attention?

17:22 In addition to being an athlete, you also coach, don't you?

19:50 It's different training of an athlete who does only mountain running versus that of an athlete who does only road running? In order for the runner to be able to prepare and engage in mountain running, he must follow some specifics training methods;

21:40 The uphills and downhills are particularly strenuous and special emphasis must be given to running technique uphill as well as downhill. Could you give some tips for runners to improve their uphill and downhill technique?

23:20 As far as I know mountain races also need special equipment. Who is he and do you use special equipment?

25:55 Does the mountain want respect?

26:45 Is it true that mountain running calms you down even more?

27:48 In a few days and more specifically on June 24 we have one of the most famous mountain races not only in Greece but also in the world, the Olympus Marathon. A race on the legendary "mountain of the gods" which, as far as I know, you yourself have run many times. Do you want to tell us a few things about this event and the features that make it so special?

31:30 What are the entry criteria for this competition?

32:00 What is the route? Would you like to describe it to us? Where does it start and where does it end?

39:50 What are the points of the route that need special attention and what is the tactic you would suggest for a runner participating in the "Olympus Marathon" for the first time?

42:12 How much preparation time does one need? amateur runner, to be able to run in the race and if in your opinion the first participation in other races would be a condition?

43:38 What would you advise a basic training program to include – a plan that would equip an amateur runner to finish the race successfully?

44:44 It is said that it is one of the most difficult races (mountain marathons), if not the most difficult in Greece, maybe not only, from the side that you have experienced as many times as you have run the race, do you share this opinion?

45:19 How many stations are there in the race?

45:48 Are water bottles or cups given at the feeding stations or is everyone required to carry their own cooler? In general what are the requirements in power supply– water supply – equipment during the race?

47:30 How is it done and how good is the route signaling?

48:50 What are the signs that an amateur runner can feel and not only, that will give him the mark that something is wrong. Does altitude have an effect? What can he feel? And finally, what would you advise someone to pay attention to in order not to reach this point?

51:10 Is the "Olympus Marathon" a stepping stone that will be able to lead you to the next running stage, which is the participation in longer and km mountain running races (ultra)?

52:00 Along with this race, do you know if there are other competitions with various other distances?

Would you like to tell us a couple of words about each of these matches?

55:33 Which mountain is your favorite or rather which mountain race is your favorite?

56:05 Is mountain running finding the space it deserves?

57:35 In closing, if I were to ask you to give five pieces of advice to aspiring mountain runners, what would they be?

58:30 Manoli, would you like to tell us how and where someone can find you?

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