65th Podcast

In this innovative episode of the Podcast It's a long road with all you listeners as guests, we will answer the simplest but at the same time the most complex question for all runners, "What is running for you?"   


Hello my friends

What is it to you? run; As I also wrote on Social, based on the simplest, but at the same time most complex and main question for all runners, I thought I would also have it as the title of one of the Podcast episodes with guests all you listeners It's a long road. So answering the same question a little below, I will read all your own answers to the question "What is running for you?"

Today's episode will be a bit special, since in fact I won't be talking exclusively about a topic of my own, nor will I have a single guest. My guests will be all of you who answered the question I asked you, and today's episode will actually be done by all of us together, since I will read all your own answers that I collected both through the Podcast account on Social, and from largest running community on Facebook, Greek Runners.

So before I start and report your own answers, I would like to say my own opinion on the question of what running is for you, but also a couple of things about the course of this Podcast so far.

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for the great support you have given me all this time and to tell the truth, I did not expect even in my wildest dreams that we would get to where we are now. 65th episode today, which means over a year of Podcasts with a presence on all platforms as well as through the show's website, olaeinaidromos.gr. The first episode aired on February 20, 2022, and every Thursday morning since then I've been trying to be consistent with my date with all of you.

All this time of a year and some months, we kept each other company, I you through the episodes and you me with the countless messages I received all this time. During this time I personally managed to make some of my racing dreams come true and I am particularly happy about it. First I succeeded and completed them 6 World Marathon Majors running to Berlin, Chicago, Boston, London, New York and Tokyo and secondly a few days ago I ran a great race the Olympian Dromo from Ancient Nemea to Ancient Olympia a distance of 180 km within the desired time limit of 27 hours with a time of 25 hours and 39 minutes and so I will enter the draw for my next big goal which is the spartathlon. Episode for this exciting fight, you will have in a very short time, reasonably in 2 weeks.

Regarding the various questions you ask me, know that I collect them all and categorize them according to their subject and when I have the corresponding guest I list them so that we can get the proper answer.

I would also like to say a big thank you to all of you who came to the start of the Thessaloniki Alexander the Great Marathon to meet and say good morning. With many of you we also took some photos, with some others we simply said good morning and exchanged a couple of words, while I was impressed that even during the race, many of you who passed me patted me on the back in a friendly way saying that we hear you and keep it up ! I really enjoyed seeing each other and getting to know each other up close! I can't hide from you that I was impressed and thank you very much for that. For the record, supporting my friend, but also running with some other friends of the Podcast, everything went great and according to plan, since we ran throughout the race at a constant pace close to 6 minutes per kilometer and we had a finish of 4 hours and 10 minutes. My friend was of course especially happy since he successfully completed his first Marathon without any particular difficulties!

A while ago I posted a question on an Instagram story asking whether and to what extent you would like to be able to order the Podcast t-shirt and really the response was great, since many of you said you would like it. I wore this t-shirt myself in an Ultra race that I recently ran on the Serres Motorway, also in the Marathon of Thessaloniki, but also in my last big race of 180 km on the Olympic Road. Those who want can see it in photos I have on Social from these two matches.

The question of whether you want it shirt I brought it up because I got a lot of messages from fellow listeners saying they really liked it and if they could get it somewhere. This got me looking around a bit to see if it was feasible, so I got into discussions with someone in the sportswear industry who could print the t-shirts in bulk and ship them quickly. So even after we met in person when I came down to Athens for my participation in the Olympic Road, we reached an agreement and now I can officially announce that from today June 1st you will be able to order it from the Athlon company and their website Athlon.gr

Link you can find it on the social media of the Podcast, but also in the description of this episode, as well as on the website www.athlon.gr in unit "Limited Edition". The design is unique, it will be All Over Print, you will each be able to have your own name on the back, while the material used will be the best for runners, with technology Dry-Fit and Cool Max.

On the back of the jersey at the bottom as you will see as a watermark it has the Parthenon, the White Tower, the Kallimarmaro, the Statue of Alexander the Great and for something to represent island Greece I put a windmill.

Now to make sure there are no misunderstandings, the t-shirt is made for everyone every time due to the fact that it is printed all over and you can all have your Name written on the back. Other changes than the name on the t-shirt are not possible and please do not ask for anything extra from the company Athlon.

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To tell you the truth, I am particularly excited to know that from one end to the other throughout Greece and beyond, the Podcast t-shirts will keep you company during your training sessions and matches, along with my voice, of course. So let's all become a big living running community together, let's give joy and color to our training sessions!!! Those of you who order the t-shirt and wear it, send me a photo on Instagram or tag Ola es carto so that I can upload it to the page in turn.

Oh, and don't forget that in a short period of time I will have news about my book! Waiting for that and to see where I will find time for all the rest... hahahaha

Let's go to the topic of the day which is the answer to the question What is running for you? The answers I got were many, but I'll start with mine first. What running means to me is more or less the same as all your answers.

Just telling you that today's episode was inspired by me during a simple daily workout, that says it all. So running the time that clears the mind and the thoughts all get in order, at that time it occurred to me to make such an episode, where all of you will be invited, and with my own voice I will speak on your behalf.

Here for those who haven't heard them I would urge you to listen to two more episodes, number 24 titled Running and emotion management and number 23, 50 reasons to start running or keep running.

In summary, I would say that for me it is constructive time with myself. It is the moment of absolute silence, the moment when I find myself and "talk" to myself, it is the time when I run and am immersed in my thoughts, which by a general confession are at that time more clear and simple. As I have said before, the body follows the route and the mind follows the thoughts. Many thoughts, scattered but only then succeed and come into a row. It is the time when the best ideas come to me. Running opened up new horizons for me, and gave me the opportunity to set new goals.

I would describe running as medicine. It helps me to escape from everyday life, from the pressure of the day and my intense rhythms. The natural release of endorphins gives the brain more euphoria, joy and optimism, while at the same time improving the circulatory system. With an improved state of mind comes an increase in creativity. There is no pressure, the hormone cortisol, which is secreted during periods of stress, disappears and those walls that make us negative fall down. At that moment, we begin to see things with a different eye. Stress is reduced, we feel more relaxed, more excited and more confident.

Also for me running is the moments when I discover my limits. Both mental and physical. Both through the Marathon races, but even more so in the Ultra races I run where I'm always looking to overcome, that's where I discover myself even more. It's worth a listen 25th episode about overcoming and the pain of long distances, a truly experiential episode and a few days after I completed a 102km race Ultra, but also the one to follow in two weeks and refer to my recent successful 180km race, the Olympic Road.

So let's all do one of the next episodes of the Everything is Road Podcast together!

In all messages I will mention the names of those who wrote the comments exactly as it is written on the social networking platforms, so please forgive me if I say any of them wrong or get the emphasis wrong.

Starting from the running community of Greek Runners, the answers I got were the following:

Yiannis Rozakeas

Mixalis Mixail
The best psychologist friend and the best pill is running and sports in general. Medicine for soul and body

Apostolos Dimou
A nice hobby

Mihalis Pispirikos
This is the sound of freedom as the song says

Rania Kaklamanou

Kostas Farmakis

George Stais
Part of my life. Way of learning myself and training him. Reason for a healthy body, soul and spirit. It also works as an expansion valve like the kettle when the pressure of the day is high. Basically it's a joy. This.

Christoforos Zolotas
The best and most free time of the day!!! You only hear your breath...

Nima Gioukos
Clearing your mind of the day's worries and stress and recharging your batteries to face what's to come

Marina Tomara
Psychotherapy .. freedom ... emptying of thoughts ... energy to face the difficult everyday life ... you learn your limits and overcome them ..

Kostas Goltsios
It refers me to a link that unfortunately doesn't work

Thodoris Varveris

Kiros Itsodelis
The time when I can and put my thoughts in order, when I plan the future and banish the stress of everyday life

Mag Apostolis

Stelios Ioannidis
Way and attitude of life. Source of life and relaxation. And above all, the medium through which I feel well-being and taxing of soul.

Kwstas Sianos
it is absolutely nothing!! when i get bored i will stop it!!

Konstantinos Gk
Time machine… it's the only way to relive the emotions and freedom I felt when I was a kid and running around carefree!!!

Stefanos Tsaha
Running brings the body, mind and nature into a perfect harmony, so beautiful that this self-regulation is what we would like to have all the time, even when we are not running, and until this happens as long as the body allows us, we will run! !!

Nick Sgr
Lifestyle !!

Giannis Pantazis
It is my musical instrument to spread my "music".

Andreas Mashias

Chronis Lazarou
Meditation ????????♂️and constant battle with myself at the same time !!!!

Maria Bless

Kostas Yanniler
Healing of soul and body... Release from the stress of daily problems and recognition of my limits, until running itself is not a stress....

Sofia Dalampira
Running is life itself. I hope to run until old age

Alexandros Dogalis
Mind clearing, energy charging, sense of freedom, decompression, physical high, revitalization, hobby, lifestyle, lifestyle, some of what running means

Ioanna Kostantopoulou
Agree! It's fun and exhilarating. It's a lesson that with small and systematic steps you can go very far! It's a way to balance a lot with a little and then only be rewarded! It is communication with yourself and people and nature! It is a noble way to overcome difficulties and become a healthy example to fight for our children! It is a way to become better from many points of view! It's very good, George, thank you for supporting us!

Nikos Koulopoulos
The preparation of body and soul so that we can stand as best as possible in decisions and difficulties of everyday life.
Observe behaviors of people who run systematically…
A preparation for life itself.

Dimitris Giannakou
In the current (beginner) phase I am in, it is a very big school for me.
Endurance, patience, persistence, will to achieve the goals you have set and much more. It has also helped me in everyday life and to see things differently. The best psychotherapy!!!

Grigoris Athanasiadis
Georgios, amazing job on the podcast – thanks!

Agencies opap Sendra ChristosKokkinakis

Dimitra Zorba
Zoe!! Energy!!

George Stamoudis
For me, running is the moment when I understand that I have a heart inside me, my own heart, and I have it pulsating at lively and heady frequencies. To make me live, and with my own will to strengthen it, to fill it, to raise it. I love to hear my heart pounding, to feel its strength, its sound, its beautiful pulse. It excites me every time, and it fascinates me when I run 7 km early in the morning, saying that I started my day and I'm already 7 km ahead. Always the smile I have at the end is for this one thing... "I heard my heart rejoicing today too".

Spyridoula Palantza
My friend...We "talk" almost every day!

Alexandra Sgouridou
Time to "find them and tell them" with myself

Eran Kalia

Panagiotis Papaleloudis
Running for me is something I got into by accident,... but it gave me strength and balance that I didn't know I had.

Chatzigiannis Georgios
I don't run to add days to my life, but life to my days….

Chrisanthi Pappa
The best psychotherapy!

Ermina Kaskanakou
Getting to know the limits, getting to know the body, the brain, the soul.
Pain and joy together.

Through the Instagram of the Podcast I had the following answers:

Johnny Vachliotis

Goodmorning George! The running part of exercise in general, for me is another basic biological need like food, water, sleep and all the others, which must be done daily and forever! Without one of them you don't live or you don't live as you should! And it is an activity that offers health, well-being, socialization, it is a form of liberation for both the body and the mind and finally, since man cannot fly in a natural way, he discovered running, this is the feeling I have when I run, it is like to fly!

The Basilica or vas.vaserty
The ability to compete only with yourself.

Dimitra or dimitra211731
Self care and self improvement! The personal time we are all looking for in our busy everyday life!

Olivia or Dediouc
The solution to anxiety and stress, favorite time to listen to Podcasts, self-care, the way to see the solutions to everything that concerns me and the best brainstorming

Sofia Arvaniti
The time when I'm with my girlfriend and we do psychoanalysis while running!!!!

Running is a balance between mind and body.

A way out of the demanding everyday life. The ability to find physical limits and improve them. My chance to clear my mind, throw away the negative energy and come back home to devote myself to the "beauty" of my couch or bed!

I am alone with my body and my mind. I rest by running

Panagiotis Mioteris mioterispanos
My psychotherapy!

Stelios Petroutsos the_runningphysio
Energetic meditation..exploring individual limits from within

Stavros Vekiaridis or Vekiaridis
Spiritual process…!!!

Marios Psalidakis
Running is life… Simply

Apolaysh xaras kai synesthimatwn.

Apostolis salamouras
it is the connection with my own self

Ritsona trails
It is the means of collecting experiences.

Andreas prodromou
Running is more than just a sport. It can change your psychology

George Parousis or Giorgio_paru

Charalambos Tsimpoukis or Htsimpoukis
The answer to everything I can and want

Dimitris Sofianos or Fofanoulis
My anxiety...

Simone Bianko or Simone_bianko787
Lifestyle discipline pursuit of high goals competition health writing thoughts

Alexandra souliotou
My life

Giorgos Kampas or Kampasgiorgos

Dimitris Kotzagiannidis or Dimi_kotzak
Quality time with myself

John Theodorou or John_theodorou_magician
Escape and psychotherapy

Active meditation. Self-improvement through creative and clear thinking that originates...from the neurophysiology of running activity. The scientist????


Unloading, focus, happiness. Of course, we can develop the topic even more deeply.

Liberios Koziris or Liberios
Source of life

Thodoris Papadogiannos or _thodoris_pap
To write kilometers

Dina Vasiliadou or Ntina_vas

Rhodanthi or Rodosfa
Constant negotiation with the whims of my mind!

Kostas Karanasios or Kkaranasios
Is it physical and mental health ????????

Giorgos Kardakaris or Geoergekard
In addition to well-being - health is the strength of the body and mind to resist the knock

Georgia Dede or Geoexplorer2
Release from stress

Dimitris Podaras or Dimitrispodaras80

Giannis Vachliotis or Johnnyhatesrun
Meditation on the go!

Christos Kafetsis or Kafetsischristos

Antonis or Antonis_lvs
Escape from the routine of everyday life, means to achieve goals, fun!

Basil or Vasilispap4

Andreas Savva or Asavva1970

Giorgos Tsioumanis or Gio_tsio
A good opportunity to know new places as my girlfriend runs and I do tourism ????

Psychotherapy!! Time for thought and reflection. And also relaxation!

So that's it from all of you and thank you very much for your participation in creating this different episode. At some point I might repeat it with another question, so suggestions from your side are all welcome. In closing, I would like to give you some of my last thoughts.

Get the toxicity out of you. Don't look at what others are doing, but what you can do for yourself and for others. You only look at what others are doing to become better and not to mock, complain and judge negatively. Enough negativity is given to us every day by all the media, and our daily problems, but let's not continue it in the rest of our lives. I often see it through social media with some people who deal only negatively with others. Fortunately they are the minority and this does not affect the whole, but generally some fortunate few, it spoils them to see progress in others.

As far as Social Media is concerned, apparently some people still don't understand how they work and why they are called Social Media. The title alone says it all. I would urge all of you who are involved in Social and even write in various road groups, not to get bogged down by the few negative comments but to always do and show what you want and what makes you feel good. We all need the reward and the thumbs up! Show your training and your races, your times whatever they are, your thoughts, your anxiety, your injury, shirtless or shirtless, in the park or on the beach, whatever question you want to ask say it and don't hesitate. There are no dumb questions, only dumb answers. Some things are obvious to some, but not to others. All of us and of course I often learn new things from someone's answers. Obviously some will try to write you down and generally dismiss the whole effort, but don't dwell on the negativity and only look at the positives. For example, some have gone as far as not posting their time because they say it is slow and not in the family of elite athletes and they are either ashamed, or afraid of comparison or any comments, while some others have stopped posting their awesome times and their remarkable trainings because again some will mock or compare and say with comments that you are putting in the time to show that you are something. But that's Social Media my friends. Self-promotion and a need to share our achievements with other people who have the same interests as us. This is the only way we all improve together and become better.

Put aside everything that prevents you from promoting yourself and give life and strength to all running communities. We need it all! I am very happy when I see low times because I was once there too and all of us were once there. I am very happy to see this effort of some runners to improve and all this development that they have and I have and I am also happy when I see great times of others, which motivates me if not to reach them, at least to improve and develop. Believe me, low times are often much better for health than high times when they are associated with unregulated training and no plan.

At first I might have thought like that too and didn't dare to show some things, but luckily I quickly got over it. Here, as I, like all of you, try to share my joy at the completion of an achievement of mine, some people naturally either criticized me for the self-promotion, as if we asked their permission, or nullified the event since they cannot do it , either they focus only on the money that I may have spent, as if I stole it from somewhere, or I will give them an account. In fact, in a recent Post of mine, someone answered all the questions in the various comments, and confidently guessed the cost of the whole project and much more. But I have overcome everything that I personally describe as toxic and I only look ahead for that and I don't answer and whatever positive I can get from any situation whether it is positive or more if it is negative I do. And this is being told by someone who, like many, had difficulties in his life and in fact two years in a row in 20 and 21, one with Covid and one with a traffic accident I found myself very close to the other life.... That's why my good friends life is short and short so give smile and positive energy to those around you.

Because as you lay, so will you sleep, and as you exercise, so will you reap. Just like we try to improve Vo2 Max for example or go to the gym and train biceps, chest and accordingly we have an improvement, that's how man is. You practice complaining, pessimism, malice, you will reap these things in life.

This is about Social and I repeat that this is why they are called Social and especially in running groups, anything related to running do not hesitate to post it. Whatever bad comments there are, ignore them and look forward.

Something else. If you have any ideas for a guest that you would like to hear on this Podcast please send me a message and I will try to make it happen in due course.

Also, since the summer I also need to take a breather in the month of August, I will not make new episodes, but I will upload as a repetition some of the previous episodes, so that our memory can be refreshed a little by the valuable advice of our distinguished guests.

Closing once again to remind you about the t-shirts of the Podcast that you can now order them under your own name from the company Athlon.gr based in Athens, while for the rest of the company's products you will get an extra discount of 10% if you use the code oladromos23 with latin characters. T-shirts are All Over Print and Dry-Fit or Cool Max technology. You choose what you want, while in the comments of the order you can add your name or anything else you want that will be printed on the back. However, both t-shirts that I saw in person are very nice. Let's all go together, my friends, from one end to the other throughout Greece, Cyprus and wherever else you are, to become a big running community with our t-shirts as a common denominator! Wear them, add color to your workouts and upload photos to Social media so we can all become one big group.

Thank you so much for listening to me!

Until next time, Be well be healthy and always do what we love and what makes us feel good.


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