84th Podcast

Podcast Guest “It's a long road” is o mountain running champion and Marathonou, Dimitris Theodorakakos.



Dimitris is an international athlete, winner of the Mountain Running World Cup, Balkan champion, Greek champion in Marathon (and mountain running).

With his own special history in the classical sports of our country, he has won the Panhellenic Road Marathon Championship twice in 2009 and 2011, while another 6 times he has come 2nd and once 3rd, all in the Authentic Athens Marathon with a better performance in 2: 19':17''.

He has participated in international multi-day and demanding mountain running races and has won 6 times the Panhellenic Mountain Running Championship, 7 times the Panhellenic Skyrunning Championship and 5 times he was the winner of the international Olympus Marathon race and as many times in the also demanding and competitive Zagori Race of 80 km. In addition to his other distinctions, in 2013 he won the Chinese Walls marathon (he still holds the course record) and the 8-day Trans Alpine Run
In mountain running he has been placed 1st and 2nd in the World Cup, in Olympus in 2018 and Madeira, Portugal in 2016 respectively, while he has several first places in many middle and long distance races around the world.

In his rich sports career he has also been a Rowing Champion with participations and distinctions with the National team in World Championships, Cups, Balkan and Mediterranean Games and other international meetings.

Dimitris is a Sports Science graduate student at the State University of Strasbourg, a certified Sports Nutrition Specialist and also a lecturer at mountain running seminars and schools in Greece and abroad.

He serves in the P.N. since 1997 and has completed the basic and operational training of UK, as well as the basic training of Paratroopers.

By Dimitris Theodorakakos we will have an interesting discussion after referring to Authentic Marathon of Athens which he himself has run a total of 17 times, on the route and its key points, on the nutrition before the race, while he himself will answer various questions sent by all of you listeners of the show.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road” with the runner and coach  Dimitris Theodorakakos.

09:10 Dimitris, would you like to talk to us about him Authentic Marathon of Athens;

13:10 So let's start things from the beginning. For example what would be good to do or avoid in the week before the race? Also here I have a general question from a listener who says: H diet a few days before the match how important is it?

24:37 Do you want to analyze it for us? race route;

31:08 Any tips on how to handle the uphills?

34:35 What is the key point of the match?

35:10 In terms of energy, what would you advise for the duration of the race?

36:53 So as a general guideline what would you advise an aspiring Marathoner?

39:51 There was a time when you ran into Athena in bad weather?

40:40 What is the best way to combine rowing and running, either on asphalt or trail?

43:25 Do you do cross training? If so, which activities does he choose as cross training and why?

45:20 How much can the mountain affect the speed on asphalt and vice versa?

48:25 What is the most kilometers he has run?

51:03 How did he think o authentic marathon in relation to the mountain races he does?

52:06 How does an athlete deal with emptying in an ultra race?

54:17 What are the main characteristics in which a runner who wants to engage in oplain running should he pay attention?

57:05 How is the transition from the mountain to a road race or the other way around? What is the process? What distance for beginners to go on a mountain?

01:00:14 She is different training of an athlete concerned only with mountain running with that of an athlete who is only involved in street running? In order for the runner to be able to prepare and engage in mountain running, should he follow any special training methods?

01:02:27 Please ask how to improve vo2max. I am 63 years old, run 10km in 57 minutes and have a vo2max of 35. Also does it help if I run with leg weights?

01:04:43 Which ones medical examinations and how often does he do them?

01:06:12 Issues related to his diet. eg what does he eat? Vitamins, proteins, etc

01:07:40 Is there an ideal weight for a trail runner? What is the ideal body type? The relationship of body weight to running training, the effects on the body and the ideal weight per height for an amateur runner.

01:09:40 How does he deal with it recovery after an ultra race?

01:12:45 Do you have any tips and advice to share with us on how someone can combine sports, everyday life, work and possibly family?

01:15:00 Who mountain race would he like to run in the future? Next races you will run? What are your future plans?


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