85th Podcast

My guest today is Lefteris Plakidas. Leftheris is a journalist with many years of experience in newspapers, magazines, television stations and radio stations.


As an accredited journalist, he has covered 5 Olympic Games, 11 World Championships and 14 Pan-European Championships. He dealt with press and match services in major international events, while since 2011 he has been involved in the organization of sports events in Greece.

He is particularly noted for his presentation of the games, using his television experience, his knowledge of running and athletics, as well as his handling of interviews. He himself has competed in hundreds of asphalt and mountain running races, in swimming and cycling races, as well as in triathlons, participations thanks to which he came up close to both the average athlete and the champion.

He is a member of ESIEMTH, PSAT and the international associations of journalists, editorial director at Athletics Magazine since the first day of its creation and editor of the "Current" diary. He is also editor and commercial director at athyNEA and TV show host on his Youtube channel

We will have an interesting discussion with Lefteris, after we will refer to his writing work, we will talk about running, holding sports events and sports tourism, while he himself will explain to us through his many years of experience and his travels why the Greece is considered the center of the world.

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08:34 Lefteri, you have written a total of 3 books and they are all about sports, aren't they? Do you want to tell us a little about your writing project?

11:59 Your most recent book is "Terry ran wild", a book that I had the pleasure of taking and even having you sign it for me, in Zagori from the publisher's stand Sportbook. Where exactly is this book aimed? Do you want to tell us what story takes place in the book?

17:49 A key role in the whole story is also Terry's godfather who was Marathon runner is not that right;

18:45 What are the symbols that emerge from the story of the book?

21:33 Why is running important to enter our lives from childhood?

24:24 Through the run or from sports in general, does achieving your goals make you stronger?

25:29 In general, you think that someone who is starting to deal with the run, is it a factor that can change his life? I mean in many matters, habits, psychologically, nutritionally;

27:36 Do you think that running, although it can be considered a solitary sport, can make you more social?

30:10 Something else that made a huge impression on me in this book is a phrase that has so much truth in it and that is "What you say on the run you may never say at a table or on a sofa".

32:45 Lefteri how important are the travel for you; Do people's horizons open up by traveling?

35:17 And I asked you these questions to take you to your book Traveling. A phrase that struck me in the description of your book "Travelling" is "When you travel to Greece you discover why we are the Center of the World". What do you mean by that; 

37:46 What were the selection criteria for these 23 destinations?

39:07 Does sports tourism in Greece find the space it deserves?

40:38 Do you want to tell us a little about the calendar "Running»? When can we expect the new one for the year 2024 and what will it include?

46:48 The performance sporting events how important is it to an area?

56:27 Is there a favorite destination and race in Greece?

57:18 Lefteri, what is your relationship with cycling?

01:00:06 Lefteri, are you running yourself? In general, in sports contexts, I have seen that you have even dealt with me triathlon. How did sports come into your life?

01:04:30 In a few days we have at Thessaloniki one of the biggest mass sports events by none other than Night Half-Marathon of Thessaloniki. Do you want to tell us a little about this match?

01:06:54 Besides of course the new book-diary "Running in 2024» are you planning something new for the future?

01:08:11 In closing, I would like to ask you where and how can someone find your books?

Lefteris Plakidas
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leplak/

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