114th Podcast

Podcast Guest “It's a long road” is the runner and coach Andreas Vrontos. Andreas is a 2002 graduate of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Science of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, specializing in athletics coaching and indoor sports activities.


He was an athletics athlete with important distinctions from 1990 to 2000, and he is the initiator and founder of "Outdoor Games", a company organizing outdoor activities, within which he also maintains a running team since 2016, the Outdoor Games Running Team.

As part of his continuous training, he has been a certified Fitness Professional & Personal Trainer since 2003, holder of degrees from the largest Fitness training organizations in Greece and abroad, while he has also worked as a Ski instructor.

When he is not on the road or on the mountain for a run, Andreas works every day and trains his trainees, in his two personal professional training spaces, My House Training Studio, and Balanze Pilates in N.Psyhiko.

With Andreas Vrontos we will have an interesting discussion, since we will approach running for beginner runners who want to get involved for the first time but do not know how to start, what are the stages they should follow, but also on other equally interesting topics that concern all amateur runners.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road” with runner and coach Andreas Vronto.

03:43 Basically, starting off, would you like to tell us a few words about yourself and your involvement in Sports?

06:07 What is Outdoor Games and also the Running Team you have?

07:30 Are there other professional coaches in your team?

08:28 So let's say Andreas, someone overweight and without any exercise in the past comes and approaches you to exercise. How is this inclusion in the exercise and what is the procedure?

12:59 That's it run for all;

14:17 Why should we run? What are the benefits to our health?

16:43 Are there group training sessions? What is the structure of group training sessions? Is there a plan?

18:55 If you are overweight, for example, can you start running or do you have to lose some weight first? For overweight people, can running be a problem?

21:03 Here we will discuss one of Andreas' athletes, a case of an overweight man who through sports completely changed his life. Kostas Tourloukis.

21:40 Kostas, starting out and for the world to get to know you, would you like to tell us some things about yourself and if you remember what it was and when it pushed you to start running?

25:42 How is it true to lose so many kilos by yourself?

26:37 What do your friends say about this big change in you?

27:44 Have you influenced others to change their lifestyle?

28:37 Are there any people who have influenced you throughout this journey?

32:45 It is important diet in the beginner runners stages?

34:09 How important is rest and should it be in a training program?

35:28 How important is empowerment to the beginner runners; How do you approach this issue?

38:32 What one should watch out for beginner runner; Who do you think might be the biggest risk and what are the most? common mistakes;

40:55 How important his role is coach to all those involved in running?

42:15 If I want something more, can I have services such as a personal trainer?

43:18 If someone is a more experienced runner, can your team support them with the ultimate goal of finishing a Marathon race at some point?

45:08 How difficult and complex it is to design one CORRECT program; Is it the same for everyone?

46:19 If someone asked you how he could improve, what would you say?

47:04 Are stretches necessary before or after run;

51:22 How do you see the rise of running in our country and the steep increase in the organization of such races?

53:35 In closing, I would like to ask you how and where someone can find you.

 Andreas Vrontos (Outdoor Games)
E-mail: info@outdoorgames.gr
Phone: +30 6977 461676

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