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Podcast guest Everything is a road is Mr Weswim Petros Parthenis. Petros Parthenis was born in 1973 in Athens and for more than 20 years he competed in competitions Triathlon Half Ironman, Ironman, swimming and marathon roads on asphalt and mountain.


He is the founder of the popular Project Weswim which motivates people to swim 365 days a year in seas, lakes, rivers and pools. He has been the editorial director of Sports magazines and a consultant to large companies for sports equipment. Today, he is a mentor of swimming athletes in the open sea, while at the same time he plans swimming events for everyone in the open sea, organizes original unspoiled swimming excursions with a culinary and cultural profile throughout Greece and motivates actions for the marine environment, while presenting major sports events and Live outdoor Multisport event, motivating the large influencing public to participate in them en masse.

His love for swimming in the sea 365 days a year and the aquatic environment, pushed him a few years ago to create an original swimming movement with the slogan "weswim" which is currently flourishing all over Greece and abroad, while it is developing rapidly serving fully its original purpose, that of developing open sea swimming.

With Petros Parthenis we will have an interesting discussion, since we will refer to sports events and competitions, running and swimming as well as other equally interesting topics that concern all amateur runners.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road” with Mr Weswim Petros Parthenis

16:00 Would you like to tell us Petros, how and when did you start sports?

17:25 Do you remember your first match?

18:30 You are one of the founders of the Greek running magazine runner. Would you like to tell us how this whole idea started and how it came to fruition?

20:50 You are the main presenter of many races. How do you see the rise of road events in Greek territory?

23:45 Do you think that someone who generally plays sports should put in the game and competitions?

25:05 Can you single out anyone from all these matches you have presented or participated in?

27:24 How necessary it is to get out of it comfort zone us to risk?

28:48 It is worth putting sports and by extension the run or swimming in his life even in old age?

31:32 Through running or sports in general, h achievement of objectives you, does it make you stronger?

32:45 Do you believe that the run Although it can be considered a lonely sport, can it make you more social?

34:05 Is there one of all the sports you've played that you loved the most and why?

35:29 You have run single Marathon;

37:55 Would you like to tell us something about Project weswim and when it started?

40:30 I have also read that at the same time as the swimming you are guardians of the protection of the marine environment with your presence every day on the coasts of the whole country.

42:47 Is it true that although you are now passionate about the sea, you learned to swim at a relatively old age?

43:45 Because you want to push everyone to do swim in the sea; What are the benefits?

45:35 There are some tips I would say to get someone started swimming in the winter? How does this transition take place?

50:41 I have seen that the excursions you do now, beyond the swimming nature, are also combined with culinary delights. Correctly;

53:25 They say that to get to know a city you have to run, but to get to know Greece could we say that you have to swim?

55:00 What are your plans for the future?

01:00:35 In closing, I would like to ask you where and how someone can find you

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