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Podcast guest Everything is a road is the runner and coach Thodoris Daviotis. Thodoris is a graduate of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Science (TEFAA) at EKPA.


From 2005 to 2014 he has been involved in long-distance and mountain road championships. From 2011, he started working professionally on the organization of sports events, while in 2015 he started to systematically deal with long-distance coaching, having supported high-level athletes with many distinctions at the pan-Hellenic level and international participations.

Since 2016 he has been working for a non-profit organization as a grassroots sports program manager having coordinated hundreds of sports events as well as numerous sports programs. At the same time, he participates in research initiatives aimed at prevention through exercise in special populations.

With Thodoris Daviotis, the initiator and founder of DRC, we will have an interesting discussion, since we will approach the Marathon road running from its first steps, how one can have a safe finish, for mountain running, but also in other equally interesting topics that concern all amateur runners.

Podcast Interview Highlights “It's a long road” with Physical Education professor Thodoris Daviotis.

02:54 Thodoris, starting off, would you like to tell us a few words about yourself and your involvement in Sports?

05:27 What is DRC (Distance Running Center), what do you do and who makes it up?

07:02 Are there group training sessions?

08:10 So someone comes and tells you that he wants to run a marathon. How does it start?

09:26 To create one training program, what factors are taken into account?

12:12 How early should one start to run a Marathon race. Let's take two examples, one who just got off the couch, and another beginner runner who has run up to say 10km.

15:38 What does the weekly training consist of and what is the role of each training session?

19:45 What should be the weekly training volume for a beginner runner;

21:40 Is it good for someone to include shorter distance races in the program before the big goal?

23:37 It's the Marathon for all;

25:02 Should we take other factors into account when we want to run a Marathon race?

27:44 And since we are at the beginning of the preparation of some who have set as their goal to run their first Marathon, let's say the one of of Athens which is in November. What recommendations would you give for a safe termination?

30:39 You like coach how do you consider a training week to be a success or a failure?

32:04 How will you increase your driving distance safely?

33:48 The last thing I heard you say and I believe it is very interesting for you to tell us, it has to do with your diploma thesis in your undergraduate piece on energy consumption slope running. Do you want to tell us a little about it and the results of your research?

38:15 Mountain running or on the road?

39:22 What is the biggest difficulty compared to running on asphalt? In general what are its important differences mountain running with that of asphalt?

42:34 What are the main characteristics in which a runner who wants to deal with mountain running should he pay attention?

44:54 Is the training of an athlete who is only involved in mountain running different from that of an athlete who is only involved in run on the road;

47:02 In general for all runners, training uphill or downhill?

48:50 What one should watch out for beginner runner; Who do you think might be the biggest risk and what are the most? common mistakes;

50:31 Is stretching necessary before or after running?

52:20 What is more that an athlete can do to improve?

55:26 In closing, I would like to ask you how and where someone can find you.

Thodoris Daviotis (Distance Runners Center)
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